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Comment Re:Obviously the fault of Gay Marriage (Score 1) 286

20% of (straight) US adults were on that site?!?
Reports says it was 85% male, so as much as 34% of all (straight) US male adults were there?

Why bother mailing people from the dump, just mail random US males, and there's close to 1-in-3 chance that they're "guilty"!

Comment Re:automatically install firmware updates (Score 1) 275

Well we know the folly of letting customers update firmware and pass words.

I almost dislike this but the more I learn about flaws and blunders hidden in
routers and other devices the more I lean to the update me camp.

My ISP (Belgacom/Proximus) did an update on my router, that forced FON to be enabled - based on that kind of behaviour, I'd rather they the fuck away from stuff on my(!) network, and let me update/manage stuff!

Comment Re:Destroys spontaneity (Score 1) 147

[Context: an assertion that split-screen is irrelevant because people can buy a PC and a car and go to a LAN party]

You're missing the fact that adults and most teens of 16+ age, drive.

You may have missed recent stories about proposals for "cycle highways" in Munich and London. Or are those designed for someone other than "adults and most teens of 16+ age"?

You're both missing that in many, many countries, operating an automobile is not permitted by law at age 16.

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