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Comment: Re:Ibuprofen (Score 1) 212 212

by Svartalf (#49861701) Attached to: American Pharoah Overcomes Biology To Win Triple Crown
Heh... Almost any NSAID is performance enhancing. I've never heard of dosing with Ibuprofen, but they use Phenylbutazone ("bute") all the time with horses so long as they're not in the ring and about a month BEFORE they hit a race or ring. Bute used to be available for human use- but it's really very nasty and was banned for all but ankylosing spondylitis when the other treatments won't do- because it's effective for it...just dangerous. Knowing that it's effective (as is Naproxen) for this sort of thing, I'm unsurprised. Naproxen's not made for equine use, but vets will prescribe it all the same for compounded and other use for things that won't respond to bute. Any of the NSAIDs will be "performance enhancing" for a racehorse because they'll suppress the lactic acid inflammation response in their muscles so they can run longer and harder.

Comment: Re: I really don't care... (Score 4, Informative) 212 212

by Svartalf (#49861629) Attached to: American Pharoah Overcomes Biology To Win Triple Crown
That's because it's difficult to get a horse to stay put long enough to have the bones heal. Hint for you- I happen to have a horse that was one of the last live covers he made before making a spiral break of his leg. The stallion, SJ Mikhail +++ (Hint: This is the highest level of champion of record status within the Arabian Horse Association), developed a spiral break of his leg similar to what had happened to Barbaro and lived. Freak accident in the case of Mikhail- there wasn't any speed or even that much hard riding (You don't expect a Western Pleasure horse to be galloping down the rail like in Working Cowhorse...) The reason that they trend to put down horses after a leg break, unlike humans, is because they're not sound even to be "merely a horse" once the leg breaks- and the odds aren't good because the horse won't do the right things for it to heal up, normally. The main reasons we don't put people down is we're like the friggin' Terminator over the rest of the Animal Kingdom. You heal differently/better than most of the rest. You're smart enough to largely not do stupid things so you CAN heal that way. As it is clear you don't know any of this, I strongly suggest silence and education until you DO get it. The feels won't get you very far, to be truthful.

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