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Comment: Re:Mac/Linux support removed... mildly surprised (Score 1) 227

Doesn't matter - in the home-segment, most Macs are laptops or tablets, and the best GPU there is the GTX750m, which is below the minimum-specs of the Oculus Rift.
Mac users may be willing to spend lavishly, but there's (currently) nothing effectively available that is usable with "Foculus".

+ - Destiny and Germanic Mythology->

Submitted by GNious
GNious writes: For Gaming and Mythology nerds alike, a look at the game Destiny, and how it uses Germanic/Norse Mythology (text+video) in its imagery and designs, notably Odin's tree, ravens, and wolves.
Also included, some pointers to where some other in-game objects may have found their names, outside of the Germanic family of mythologies

A previous episode looked at the upcoming House of Wolves' use of Ancient Egyptian inspiration.

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