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Comment: Re:ha (Score 1) 149

by GNious (#49046095) Attached to: Mooted: An Undersea Link From Finland To Estonia

I was a bit unclear, sorry - just checked prices earlier today, could get tickets at 43 Euros each way.
Admittedly, there is a limited number of tickets at that price, and they are sold out fairly quickly; if you're ordering tickets for the next couple of weeks, you'll be lucky if you get anywhere near that price.

That said, I fully expect that the mentioned "estimated ticket-price" on the Helsinki-Tallinn line would be for a limited number of tickets, with much more costly options available - this is par-for-the-course on all transport services.

Comment: Re:ha (Score 1) 149

by GNious (#49045789) Attached to: Mooted: An Undersea Link From Finland To Estonia

If you can get from downtown Brussels to London (not Luton, Stanstead or similar) either for 30 Euros, or in 30 minutes (your post is a bit ambiguous), then I'd very much like a link.
Traveling in from the outlier airports is not exactly free, or instantaneous, from my experience.

Add to that, the train-ride on Eurostar is more comfortable (can work on laptop, has power-outlet etc), has better service, and less security-theater and hurry-up-and-wait, I'll take the train ca every time.

Note: I just dbl-checked - seems the cheapest train is now 43 Euros one-way, making it 86 Euros return.

Comment: Re:Crap hardware, not surprising (Score 0) 192

by Svartalf (#49010265) Attached to: Xenon Flashes Can Make New Raspberry Pi 2 Freeze and Reboot

Define "better". So very few devices work well for things in the $35 category. You typically have to spend double that for similar gear- and IT isn't any better- they're all bare boards and each have gotchas gallore for their use.

Most people aren't going to shell out $500 or more for the board that accounts for all the possible concerns- which is what you get to pay for someone to have done most of the gotcha removals on the design. Well, unless they're building a system to commercially control an industrial CNC machine or the like...

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