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Submission + - Uncle Sam spoils dream trip to space

An anonymous reader writes: Link to CNN article. .ap/index.html A guy wins a trip to space through an Oracle Corp. sweepstakes. Only problem is that he figures out he will owe $25,000 to the IRS if he accepts the prize. He decides to give up his boyhood dream instead of going into debt.
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Journal Journal: Talk about awkward

Well, it could have been more awkward if we would have talked, I doubt that they noticed me, but 'Helmet Head', her best friend and two guys (no telling if the guy with HH was her CIA hubby) were sitting at a table directly behind me during the Alumni Association gathering to watch the UTK football game on Saturday.

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Journal Journal: KFC Opens Itself to New Conspiracies 1

Listening to WMAL this AM I was informed that Kentucky Fried Chicken has changed its logo for the fourth time in fifty years.

They also made a giant version of it from black tiles, in the desert (not sure how close to "Area 51" it is supposed to be) that can be seen from space.

Let the new urban legends begin! I was kind of getting tired of the old ones, especially the federal ban from using the word "chicken" but, somehow, no paperwork exists in relation to this 'ban.'

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Journal Journal: Car Pr0n and Update

Well, all of my car porn is stuck in my cell phone. Forgot the right method of sending them to my AOL account to post at The Book of Charger, so need to figure that out again. No, I don't have the motorola software to download to home computer and the CD-ROM drive is not functioning right now anyway.

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Journal Journal: StB! Got anything on this? California Voter Controversy 4

It's funny.  Laugh.

Journal Journal: Election Morning News 1

7 November 2006

Montag Leftblog Comment Crystal Ball

Early voters intimidated by FOX News in Alexandria, VA

6:00 AM, FOX News cameras were standing watch over Alexandria, VA polling places, sending the subtle message "we are watching you."

East Coast Flooded by President Bush

As reported earlier, the president covered the east in rain. Some election observers suspect Air Force One of seeding clouds on the way to Texas.

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Journal Journal: Mysterious Future: Bush Rains on Election 1

Montag Political Newswire

7 November 2006

With the entire east coast of the USA engulfed in rain or dreary weather, some political experts suspect weather control on the part of President Bush.

Several studies have shown that rain suppresses Democrat turnout by several percent. Somehow, an unprescidented November rainstorm has come to the east in November, on election day.

To be or not to be, that is the bottom line.