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GMontag's Journal: Unfair comments toward the Honerable Mrs. Clinton? 2

Journal by GMontag

So, the Honorable Mrs. Clinton has been "swiftboated"? In my book, it means that a liar has been brought to-rights, but okay.

She also serially flip-flopped on the same ILLEGAL immigrant issue .5 dozen times in a few days? She was for it, before she was against it THREE TIMES?

Her underlings put on notice the next questioner, Wolf Blitzer, not to "pull a Russert"?

Mrs. Clinton is the Honerable John Kerry, in pants.

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Unfair comments toward the Honerable Mrs. Clinton?

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  • by ces (119879)
    She's not my first choice for the nominator (not by a long shot) and this sort of thing is at least partly why.

    Mrs. Clinton is the Honerable John Kerry, in pants.
    OTOH I wouldn't make that mistake. She's (and the former President, and her fellow travelers) going to come out swinging against any perceived attacks on her rather than keeping quiet in hopes that the whole thing will go away.

    Much as I may not like her, underestimate her and her campaign at your own peril.

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