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Journal GMontag's Journal: Beth Greem, victim of The New Republic 2

While The New Republic is busy defending PV2 (second award) Scott Thomas Beauchamp (see previous JE) as some sort of eye-opening-truth-teller, they have fired staffer Beth Greem for eye-opening-truth-telling.

Beth Greem (thinking that is her real name, not a handle) was the source for 'Ace of Spades' posts about New Republic contributor, Private Second Class Scott Thomas Beauchamp, being married to Elspeth Reeve, Reporter Researcher for The New Republic.

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Beth Greem, victim of The New Republic

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  • by pudge (3605) * Works for Slashdot
    Unfortunately I could not read the original article either. Link for this thing you're referring to?

    Crazy stuff, man. This reminds me of some woman who was claiming that women in the U.S. military are routinely raped in Iraq: if so, why has no one reported it? And don't even tell me that if the rest of the unit found out, they wouldn't take matters into their own hands with the guy who did it.

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