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In your country I can not even order a car from the manufactor. I have to go to a local shop to buy it there.

And you are concerned about a remote country in europe that prefers to buy books in a shop instead of mail ordering them from a multi national corporation?

Wow ...

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Screw france and any other country that thinks they have a right to control how markets operate.
  Perhaps you should start reading the laws in your country that moderate how YOUR market operates.

Every country has the right, the privilege, to define by itself how the market there works.

You are a brain dead imperialist thinking that you can enforce your idea how a market works on other countries ... oh, actually that is exactly what the US is doing the last 50-70 years ... luckily they failed so far.

So screw yourself?

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In my town, Karlsruhe, Germany, more than half of the book shops have closed.
Most of the other half got bought buy 'book shop chains' (like Thalia) ... from my mind I can perhaps count 5 still existing book shops. So going 'shopping' is no longer going to happen.
On top of that for some dumb reason they put SF and Fantasy into one category 'SF&Fantasy' however I'm not interested in the later ... and it takes 5 or more years till an interesting title is finally translated into german.
I guess the topic is complicated, as in germany we have something like central defined prices, by the publisher. Book shops may, by law, not sell the book cheaper. Unless the book is damaged somehow, like some bookseller accidentaly made a stroke with a pen over the side of the pages :)
The result is that sells english books for more or less (often more) the same price than the german translation.
Obviously I mostly order english books from or The .com costs import tariffs, but only if the total value is above 100â. Unfortunately Amazon does no longer ship for free overseas, but still it saves me 30%-50% if I buy books from the US. Worst case if I make a mistake even with shipping costs and import tariffs a book bought in the US is still cheaper than the same one bought here ... sad, considering the CO2 etc. ....

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by angel'o'sphere (#47442083) Attached to: Texas Town Turns To Treated Sewage For Drinking Water

I did not start this homeopathic thread, it was my parent :)

Unfortunately half of your claims or elaborations are either wrong or show quite some ignorance.

Alcohols (2), especially the longer ones, do form chains of molecules. The scientific term is: "hydrogen bridge binding", loosely translated from german. I guess you can figure the 'correct english term'. Likely you find it in the wikipedia article about alcohol, at the discussion about the boiling point e.g.

You ever heard about 'protein folding at home'? Your (4). Sorry, simply wrong. A huge amount of chemical effects in your body happen due to the form of the molecules involved. Yes, an amino acid is nothing but a relatively huge molecule. So picking H2S and H2O as a 'counter example' is a bit missleading, imho. Hm, btw, are there circumstances where CH2 can exist? Another thing to google ...

Regarding to (5) there are plenty experiments with plants and animals that show that certain classes of homeopathic treatments work quite fine. E.g. in Germany most medicals for animals are homeopathic based. On the other hand I'm not Steve Jobs ... if I get cancer I don't take some homeopathic 'remedy' :)

Oh, and btw, related to an answer to someone else, but fitting to your (1) and (4) claim:


Geographic Segregation By Education 92

Posted by Soulskill
from the philosophy-majors-in-philly,-music-majors-in-singapore dept.
The wage gap between college-educated workers and those with just a high school diploma has been growing — and accelerating. But the education gap is also doing something unexpected: clustering workers with more education in cities with similar people. "This effectively means that college graduates in America aren't simply gaining access to higher wages. They're gaining access to high-cost cities like New York or San Francisco that offer so much more than good jobs: more restaurants, better schools, less crime, even cleaner air." Most people are aware of the gentrification strife occurring in San Francisco, but it's one among many cities experiencing this. "[Research] also found that as cities increased their share of college graduates between 1980 and 2000, they also increased their bars, restaurants, dry cleaners, museums and art galleries per capita. And they experienced larger decreases in pollution and property crime, suggesting that cities that attract college grads benefit from both the kind of amenities that consumers pay for and those that are more intangible." The research shows a clear trend of the desirable cities becoming even more desirable, to the point where it's almost a necessity for city planners to lure college graduates or face decline.

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by angel'o'sphere (#47441991) Attached to: Texas Town Turns To Treated Sewage For Drinking Water

Well, then you are mistaken :) As there is always something dissolved in water the molecules always form chains fitting to that influence. While such a chain might be short lived, similar structures are recreated all the time. That is btw. easy to see in microscope, the water clusters are so big you can sometimes see them with a strong visual light microscope and don't even need an electron microscope for it.
In case you don't know it: the way water or body fluids influence the cell membrane, making it passable for medicals or any molecule is a long time research topic.

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I have a good idea what nordic is :) after all we germans consider us close related.
Regarding languages I read a year ago a quite funny book from Mikael Niemi, as /. can not unicode I don't paste the original name, roughly translated it is called "Popmusic from Vitulla".
Vitulla is a swedish town close to the finish border. In that novel the author traveled around in north Sweden and north Finland and mentioned that on both sides both languages where spoken ... but ofc it is more a novel than a book of facts.
It is a very funny, but slighly difficult constructed book ... worth a read!

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