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Comment: Re:#1 slashdot article submitters (Score 1) 255

by GLMDesigns (#49136443) Attached to: 5 White Collar Jobs Robots Already Have Taken
So you think the busy bodies who want to control everybody are capitalists? The problem is the people who want to control everyone AND hate personal responsibility. Trespass on someones lawn and drown in their pool? Unfair make people build a wall. Don't like your neighbor painting their house pink? Make a law. The solution is to have a constitutionally limited government (restrict what the gov't can do) and hold them to that. Whoops - looks like lots of people hate that idea and prefer that the government can pass whatever laws it wants and then bitches when they cease being citizens and instead morph into serfs.

Comment: Re:Schwab - max 8 chars! (Score 1) 271

by GLMDesigns (#48992357) Attached to: Why Gmail Has Better Security Than Your Bank
I was wondering about this. If an entity restricts password length then does that indicate that they are keeping the passwords in clear text? Let me make that clearer - if the company is salting and hashing the password would there be any reason whatsoever (going back to legacy systems here) for them to limit either character length or character (eg: no special characters)

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