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Comment: Re:Celebrate! (Score 1) 568

by GISGEOLOGYGEEK (#28616803) Attached to: British Library Puts Oldest Surviving Bible Online

It is such a shame that all Christians didn't live up to St. Paul's devotion in his time.

With all Christians celibate, your cult would be long gone today, hardly even be remembered by history.

Of course with human nature being what it is, you'd probably still be wasting your life worshiping some other imaginary being today, not knowing that the 'right' religion had already faded away long ago.

Comment: Re:Written Before Christianity Was PAGANIZED (Score 1) 568

by GISGEOLOGYGEEK (#28616645) Attached to: British Library Puts Oldest Surviving Bible Online

Whether or not Jesus was a real person is irrelevant to the fact that there is no god.

Like so many other supposedly divine persons, he was simply selected and told he was divine. The Dalai Lamas are a good example. That Jesus' parents got away with lying about their pre-marital sex to hide the shame of Mary's pregnancy just adds to the 'miracle' now doesnt it?

You only believe the delusion because your parents passed on their cultural disease to you when you were to young to reason, and you never went back to re-asses it properly.

Comment: Re:Written Before Christianity Was PAGANIZED (Score 1) 568

by GISGEOLOGYGEEK (#28616535) Attached to: British Library Puts Oldest Surviving Bible Online

You are mistaken. Proof that there is no god is not necessary for Atheism. You must be so wired to your faith that you can't comprehend a total absence of faith. Only proof that there is a god could invalidate Atheism, something you and no one else will ever be able to produce.

And if you really believe your flawed reasoning, then you must believe that all gods ever worshiped are real and separate entities from Ra to the Flying Spaghetti Monster because you have no proof otherwise.


Dead At 92, Business Computing Pioneer David Caminer 142

Posted by timothy
from the 92-and-holding dept.
Brooklyn Bob points out this fascinating obituary of David Caminer, the first systems analyst. "The tea company he worked for developed their own hardware and software — in 1951! Quoting New Scientist: 'In today's terms it would be like hearing that Pizza Hut had developed a new generation of microprocessor, or McDonald's had invented the Internet.'"

+ - Are we getting carried away with CSS3?->

Submitted by
Dave Woods
Dave Woods writes "I've been trying to catch up a lot recently with the progress of CSS3 and how it can be used positively to improve code and simplify both the HTML and CSS. is a great resource for this kind of information and a lot of the content is useful, but the recent post on "Lists to get more decorative" which contains information on the new lists module got me thinking that some of the modules being talked about may not be all that useful and we might just be getting carried away with the buzz and excitement."
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+ - Polar cap almost half gone in less than a decade->

Submitted by
SuurMyy writes "Finnish newspaper "Helsingin Sanomat" reports that Danish scientists from their University of Technology have found out from satellite pictures that polar cap has diminished 40 to 45 % after years 1997-2000. If melting goes on at this rate, which is partly caused by sea currents, the polar ice will be gone in 15 — 20 years — very much in the life-time of most of the Slashdot readers.

I'm sure there will be other non-Finnish references shortly, but this was the only one that I was able to find at this very moment."

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+ - Ground-based imaging beats Hubble->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "The BBC reports that a new telescope imaging technique yields images better than Hubble. stm

The Press Release : _Press_Releases_0807.htm

The images & technical stuff"

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+ - Summertime Babies More Prone To Myopia

Submitted by
pygm writes "A new groundbreaking theory has emerged, claiming that babies born during the summer months of June and July have a 24% greater chance of becoming severely shortsighted than those born between December and January. After more than 30 years of eye-research, Prof. Michael Belkin, a professor at Tel Aviv University, advices parents to make sure their infants wear sunglasses. The reason: early-life exposure to natural light. According to Belkin, the body has a mechanism that causes the eyeball to lengthen, causing shortsightedness, when exposed to prolonged illumination. Hence, the more light a newborn is exposed to after birth, the more the eyeball lengthens and the worse the myopia will be."

Never worry about theory as long as the machinery does what it's supposed to do. -- R. A. Heinlein