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Comment Re:No it hasn't (Score 2) 157

Yeah, I'm sort of failing to see the point here as well - running your classic z/OS backend stuff and then having a few zIFLs talking to the backend over HiperSockets (IIRC) made sense, but just a big zSeries box with no way to run legacy apps?

I'm not sure but I guess the market will decide..

Comment Re:So it competes with SUN. (Score 1) 157

You do realise you can emulate a z/Series using Hercules and use that for development, right?

No need to fork out $100K+ (also since these Linux-only z boxes won't have any CP's, just zIFLs, I think the base price might come down)

And since it's pretty easy to set up virtualised instances (either using LPARs or say z/VM), you could always share one of these boxes amongst multiple users.

Comment Re:Question (Score 1) 219

Yup. Salt (well a sachet of infant electrolyte mix) and access to clean water would solve that problem as the kids tend to die from dehydration.

Not in ALL cases but the death rate would definitely go down. Back when I was working as a dive master on the coast of the Sinai desert, we used to take the baby rehydration sachets all the time if we'd overindulged in the post-diving beers the night before.

Comment Re:Remember TEMPEST? (Score 1) 264

No, it isn't. GPG / PGP is a hybrid cryptosystem just like SSL and SSH. Not sure where you got this idea from..

Do you realise the sort of processing overheads that encrypting mega/gigabytes in RSA involves?

It would have taken a LONG time to encrypt a single HD floppy image back in 1991 when PGP was first developed.

Submission + - How Not to Design a UI: Slashdot Beta Site is a Train Wreck ( 1

iggymanz writes: As with Canonical's Unity and Windows 8, the majority of otherwise intelligent coders are completely out of their element when trying to make a user interface. They fly off on tangents, ignoring any user needs or input, making something understood and useable only to themselves. A bad UI is neither discoverable, learnable, efficient of space, nor capable of providing proper feedback to the user. With apologies, I link to the vilest and most aweful forum interface misdesigned by the minds of idiot-savants in full idiot mode, the Slashdot Beta Site.

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