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Comment Re:Yawn... (Score 1) 226

Remember, he has not been charged with anything, but is wanted for *questioning*. What is to stop Sweden from doing the questioning, then dropping the case and letting him go, only to pick him up again at the airport and put him on a flight to Gitmo? Since he was freed, the terms of the arrest warrent should no longer be valid, right?

Comment Re:Because the Greeks are so stupid? (Score 1) 359

But if you have euros, and need to transfer them out of Greece, you cannot do that with the capital controls in place. At least not faster than mailing the bills in an envelope. If you can convert the euros to bitcoins, you can then send the coins anywhere pretty much instantly. And that is the greatest value of cryptocurrencies, even compared to normal bank services (between different banks and countries).

Comment Re:Good (Score 4, Insightful) 302

You didn't address the counter argument though.

If copyright gave an incentive to keep these works in circulation then they would not be presently rotting away anywhere, they would be widely available. But they aren't. So the existing lengthy copyright regime is currently is doing exactly the opposite of what you argued would happen.

Add to this, that if the movies were in public domain, *anyone* with an interest - monetary or otherwise - could do the digitization and restoration. This could be some other company, some silent movie buff society, or a museum or archive.

Comment Re:Isreal (Score 1) 383

Or Operation Cast Lead and Operation Pillar of Defense (at least show some knowledge and use the actual Hebrew names)

I see no difference between your "corrections", and what I wrote. Or is it the comma separator that you have a problem with? As for the rest - please. I've read all that before. Yes, Hamas is a bunch of assholes and probably war criminals too, but since Israel is holding all the cards and claims to be a western democracy, I hold them to a higher standard. That includes not shooting at stone throwing kids using live ammunition, imprisoning and torturing hundreds of people without charge, attacking and killing workers in international aid convoys, firing white phosphorous on civilians, and lots of other things. Your tired rant about Hamas does not excuse any of that.

Comment Re:How fucking tasteless (Score 1) 341

Well, children should really be "worth" less, since they have had less invested in them. An adult with an education has had hundreds of thousands of dollars invested, and is likely a contributing member of society. A child of four years has cost nowhere near as much, is a drain on society for many years still, and much more easily replaced.

Comment Re:Chainsaws? (Score 1) 276

"Next to the gate" as in "inside of security". If they for some reason have an extra security control before boarding, which has happened to me once (when going to New York from Europe), I can see that they'd take his coke away. Which of course sucks all the more, since the drinks inside of security have a hefty mark-up.

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