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Comment Satalite data was the first indicator.... (Score 1) 449

Actually, they know the that the autopilot disengaged due to the pitot tubes from error code data that was transmitted from the plane to a satellite then to Air Bus before the crash. What they did not have was other telemetry like, power settings, speed, positions of the control surfaces.

Submission How to get a job at Google, Apple or Microsoft->

Barence writes: With the economic hangover starting to wear off, the technology giants are once again recruiting in earnest. Apple, Google and Microsoft all have vacancies on their websites, and now could be the perfect time to land a job at one of computing’s biggest hitters. PC Pro talked to people inside Microsoft, Apple and Google to discover how to track down the best jobs, and what it takes to get through the arduous selection and interview processes.
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Comment Conclusions first, Studies second (Score 1) 306

"The scientific teams are "very, very close to proving there is or has been life [on Mars]," said David McKay, chief of astrobiology at the NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston, in a Spaceflight Now interview."

Shouldn't the conclusion follow from the experiment or data?

Submission 80 MW Solar Farm to be built in Fresno, CA->

Fysiks Wurks writes: According to an article at CNN:

An 80 megawatt Solar Farm is to be built in Fresno, California, will cover as much as 640 acres and be 17 times the size of the largest U.S. solar farm. "The farm will also be about seven times the size of the world's biggest plant and double the largest planned farm, both in Germany." Currently, the largest solar farm in operation is the 4.6-megawatt Springerville Generating Station near Tucson, Arizona. It is noted in the article, "The Community Choice farm will not need state approval because Kings River is a self-generator and the farm is a renewable resource and does not emit pollution, Barnes said. But that designation must be approved by the California Energy Commission."

What I want to know is if solar farmers wear Carhart overalls?

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Submission Congress Wants To Monitor All E-Mails, IMs, Etc.

Red Weasel writes: "A bill submitted February 6, 2007 called, what else, "Internet Stopping Adults Facilitating the Exploitation of Today's Youth Act (SAFETY) of 2007 " HR 837 IH would [It] would require ISPs to record all users' surfing activity, IM conversations and email traffic indefinitely." The full bill at The Library of Congress THOMAS."

Submission Wanted: 160 Missing FBI Laptops

An anonymous reader writes: The FBI had at least 160 laptops lost or stolen over the past four years, including 10 that contained highly sensitive classified information and at least one that held "personal identifying information" on FBI personnel, according to a report released today by a Justice Department oversight arm. The report found that 51 of the laptops reported lost or stolen may have contained classified data, but that FBI didn't have enough information to say conclusively. The Washington Post notes that only one of the cases documented in the report indicated that the data contained on the lost laptop was protected with encryption technology.

Submission The hype of quantum computing

Schrodinger's duck writes: Ars Technica looks at some of the hype surrounding tomorrow's expected demonstration of a 16-bit quantum computer by Canadian start-up D-Wave. 'D-Wave's demos will show Orion crunching through a database search and handling a seating plan with a large number of constraints, such as you might find at a wedding reception. It's probably safe to say that, despite any of the doubts about the company, Orion will almost certainly show a major speed advance when applied to these two problems. But, given the limitations and questions, and the fact that D-Wave doesn't appear to currently be hurting for money, why are they bothering?' Ars' science journal, Nobel Intent, also has a pair of companion articles explaining Adiabatic Quantum Computing, the method used by D-Wave, and the P vs. NP problem in computational science.
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Submission DVD Archival on HardDisk Solutions

Corbets writes: "I'm moving abroad and would rather not cart my DVD selection around with me, especially given that my DVDs and my changer will not be compatible with those I buy in Europe anyway. I'm looking for a nice solution that allows me to rip, downsample (I don't need super high quality — without my HD screen and speaker system, why bother?) and store as much as possible. I'm familiar with Mac the Ripper, but I'm looking for suggestions from the Slashdot community for other OS X compatible solutions."

You will lose an important tape file.