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Comment Re:I can't wait for self driving vehicles. (Score 1) 216 216

I can go to the bar by myself and get hammered, and not worry about driving home. However I don't think this will happen in my lifetime, regardless of all the Slashdot submissions we've seen lately.

Not if you keep drinking like that, it won't.

Comment Re:chemistry vs genetics (Score 2) 202 202

The summary is pretty misleading.

The crowdfunding project to sequence the black rhino genome is not a prerequisite to their goal of making rhino horns, no. If you click through, it appears to just research that they hope will lead to better understanding of black rhino subspecies:

Sequencing the black rhino genome is just the first step. The data from this project will be used to create a biobank of genomic data for the remaining 8 subspecies of black rhino. Three are already extinct. We intend to use this project as a catalyst to sequence all subspecies of black rhino and understand the genetic divergence within and between rhino species.

This will be a foundation that future researcher can utilize and could possibly help bring the three currently extinct black rhinoceros subspecies back into existence

Whether that last goal is at all realistic... that depends largely on whether they have DNA from the extinct rhinos on hand.

Comment Re:Is it addressed to her? (Score 5, Interesting) 213 213

Every so often, I get email intended for some 40+ year-old guy who has [myemailaddress]@yahoo.com (instead of at gmail). Most of it is spam or websites that he's trying to sign up for, but occasionally it's a human being on the other end.

The first time this happened, it was information about his ongoing domestic violence court case (legal documents, copy of police report, etc). I notified them that they had the wrong address, and they proceeded to email me three more times with more information. Eventually I yelled at them enough and they corrected it.

The second time this happened was a few years later - it was some tiny ~20 year old girl who desperately wanted to convince him to get back with her (by sending him nudes). I can't say that I didn't take a little joy in telling her to check out his domestic violence record. I got a really angry email from him a couple days later (subject line: FUCKING IDIOT), so I think she must have heeded my advice (and dodged a bullet).

It was kind of wild.

Comment Re:Exclusive native apps still exist (Score 1) 175 175

There's no expectation that an Apple Store app is going to work on Android, or a windows laptop, or a PS3. When I look for Android apps, I check an android app store - I know that the vast majority of what I find will work on my device.

But everyone who visits a website expects that website to render and work for them - there's no segregation between "the apple web" and "the microsoft web" when you're at your computer, it's all just one big pile of sites. Users are aware that sometimes there are browser-specific issues, of course, but trying to load a site that is incompatible with your browser is *much* more frustrating than being unaware of an app that exists for another platform.

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