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Comment Re:Why not just call the entire Internet illegal? (Score 2) 91

Because your premise is flawed, both in your gun analogy and about this software.

Much as handguns are made for shooting people, Torrents Time is built to enable piracy. The fact that you can use your gun at the shooting range, or Torrents Time to stream Big Buck Bunny, doesn't change their intended usage.

Contrary to your belief, not all murders are premeditated, and not all killers are undetered by difficulty. Having a gun on-hand greatly increases your chance of killing someone in a fit of passion - consider the cliche of a man who comes home to find his wife cheating on him.

Similarly, piracy increases when piracy is easier (and decreases when legal options are easier, like Netflix). I remember how much work it was to teach my dad how to pirate movies back in the early 2000's - when I wasn't around, he'd often give up and go to Blockbuster. But with something like Torrents Time or Stream All The Sources, even non-technical users will choose to pirate something over a less convenient route.

While it's incorrect in the general case to blame a tool-maker for the mis-usage of that tool, Torrents Time is built to enable copyright infringement, and everyone involved knows that. Saying "oh yes, I only wrote this tool to stream Big Buck Bunny *wink* *wink* *nudge* *nudge*" fools nobody.

BREIN is, like the MPAA & RIAA, a rather heavy-handed and odious group. But why on earth *wouldn't* you expect them to try to shut down this software? You assume they don't understand the tech - but, surprise surprise, even goons like them can differentiate between "this tool is built for piracy" and "this tool is capable of facilitating piracy." That you are unable to is your own failing.

Also, A++ edgy signature.

Comment Re:Well then... (Score 5, Insightful) 125

A lot of people do have good internet, and streaming is all about removing that barrier between "Hey, let's watch X" and actually watching it.

If you need to download it first, you're waiting for a half hour or more to get a good copy. Streaming, it might be rabbit-ear quality, but at least you get start to watching it immediately.

(Time & quality figures are obviously subject to change based on the streaming/download service and your bandwidth).

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