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The Internet

Submission Open Rights Group and the Phorm Storm

Fuzzypig writes: The Open Rights Group are currently running a privacy campaign for more information about the exact nature and implementation the Phorm tracking system. The Phorm system essentially will be implemented by ISPs, possibly with an opt-out for customers but not confirmed, it will track your surfing habits then issue directives to opt in websites to display taregetted advertising, based on those harvested surfing habits supplied by Phorm. The most dangerous aspect is that this will be implemented by the ISPs themseleves in return for revenue, you may not get any say in it's implementation. The BBC is also raising awareness of the ORG's campaign. How you feel about your surfing habits being tracked without your ability to block it?

Submission Court rules in favour of MPAA against TorrenstSpy ->

Fuzzypig writes: "The BBC is reporting that the case brought against TorrentSpy by the MPAA has ruled in favour of the MPAA. "A judge made a default ruling in favour of the MPAA after she said the site's operators had tampered with evidence. The judge then asked for information from the Ram in their computers but the defendants failed in their attempt to argue the data was temporary and therefore could not be retained. The defendants' conduct was "obstreperous," Judge Florence-Marie Cooper wrote in her decision. "They have engaged in widespread and systematic efforts to destroy evidence and have provided false testimony under oath in a effort to hide evidence of such destruction. " ""
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