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Wireless Networking

Australian Police Plan Wardriving Mission 340

Posted by timothy
from the village-green-preservation-society dept.
bfire writes "Police officers in the Australian state of Queensland plan to conduct a 'wardriving' mission around select towns in an effort to educate citizens to secure their wireless networks. When unsecured networks are found, the Police will pay a friendly visit to the household or small business, informing them of the risks they are exposing themselves to. Officers also hope to return to surveyed areas within a month to see if users have fixed their security settings. The idea is modeled on another campaign where officers walk around railway stations checking cars have been locked, and leaving notes warning people of the dangers involved with leaving their vehicles unsecured."

Comment: having read the thing... (Score 2, Interesting) 55

by Fuzzlekits (#28325623) Attached to: Interview With <em>Star Wars: The Old Republic</em> Devs
It certainly seems like Bioware might be *the* people to revolutionize the MMO. I mean, they've pretty much put out some of the best RPG's in the last five years, maybe arguably decade. Allowing them to take their storytelling onto the MMO stage, and given what's in this interview... I'm hopeful this will be something different.

Comment: The 'incomplete code' thing (Score 1) 275

by Fuzzlekits (#23896767) Attached to: Atari Tries To Supress Bad Reviews, Claims Piracy
I think that were this the case, Atari could have easily saved their own bacon by coming out and saying 'These reviews are probably based on incomplete code', etc. After all, there are plenty of other games where code was shown or released that wasn't 'up to snuff', and the producer / developer acknowledged that, and the game went on to be a lot better than that initial sneak peek.

Then again, since Atari isn't _Atari_ anymore, and just a boilerplate, I don't feel like I ought to be defending them so much.

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