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Comment: derpderpderp (Score 1) 302

by Fuzi719 (#49629905) Attached to: Uber Forced Out of Kansas
I see the anti-Uber hivemind is strong on /. now. Forget the fact that in the cities in which Uber operates, the CUSTOMERS have overwhelmingly chosen Uber over traditional taxis for a damn good reason: service and cost. But, since traditional taxi companies don't want to compete on those, they resort to legislative solutions to eliminate the competition. And the shills and their easily-duped followers are more than happy to beat the drums for more and more regulations. Good job, Kansas! Maybe the buggy-whip makers still have a chance there!

Comment: Re:yeah well, (Score 1) 324

by Fuzi719 (#48804583) Attached to: How To Hijack Your Own Windows System With Bundled Downloads

I made the mistake of installing that abomination ONCE! After I calmed down enough to stop the steam from coming out of my ears and reassured the dogs I wasn't going to skewer anything within twenty feet I uninstalled it and scrubbed the system as best I could.

That's exactly the statement I made after installing iTunes on my Windows computer. It require a complete format and reinstall of the OS to clean that crap out completely.

Comment: Re:Doing Google Wallet quietly? Shocker... (Score 1) 105

by Fuzi719 (#48388199) Attached to: Google Wallet API For Digital Goods Will Be Retired On March 2, 2015

Google Wallet still has limited usefulness. NFC payments are still only supported on a tiny fraction of Android users, using a custom build of the wallet app not available in the Google play store. Only some phone distributors are given access to this custom build. My phone has android 4.4, NFC support, and Google wallet installed, but I can't do NFC payments. How do they expect to compete like that?

Google Wallet (installed from the standard Play Store) on my T-Mobile US HTC One (both M7 and new M8) works great paying for purchases anywhere they accept NFC payments (including Apple Pay locations). I previously used it at CVS before they turned off their NFC terminals, I use it at Panera, McDonalds, Kroger, Best Buy, Target. You're making claims that are not based in fact.

Comment: Use extensions (Score 1) 100

by Fuzi719 (#48384925) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Getting Around Terrible Geolocation?
In Chrome you can use the Manual Geolocation extension, in Firefox use Geolocator. With both you can enter the location you want (your actual location or somewhere else) and it will then tell any website that queries that location instead of the default. I use both and they do work, and are much simpler than using a proxy or VPN or other measures.

Comment: Re:It's not just speed (Score 2) 253

by Fuzi719 (#47973913) Attached to: Do Specs Matter Anymore For the Average Smartphone User?
On any modern Android (version 4+) system, using some third-party "task manager" is counterproductive. You're causing more problems than you're trying to solve. Let the system manage itself as designed. There are some poorly-written apps that can thwart any system. That's the app developer's fault, not Android and not the manufacturer of the phone. If you must use something, try Greenify, which can auto-hibernate many poorly written apps that attempt to keep the phone awake. No manufacturer can overcome the stupidity and ignorance of developers and users.

Comment: I use Uber and love it (Score 2) 341

by Fuzi719 (#47676733) Attached to: Berlin Bans Car Service Uber
Unlike nearly every other commenter in this thread, I've actually used Uber (and Lyft and standard taxis). I had actually stopped using taxis before Uber (or Lyft) came along here in Atlanta because they are simply horrible. Horrid service, horrid drivers, high fares. Just horrible experiences one after another. When Uber arrived here, it was like a breath of fresh air. I don't own a car, so I use public transit, Zipcar, and now Uber/Lyft for my needs. Uber is reliable, every driver I've had has been super nice and professional, the cars well-maintained, and the fares more than reasonable. And I don't have to worry with surly drivers demanding tips they don't deserve or jacking up the price or refusing to accept a credit card, etc. Uber vets the drivers far better than the taxi services here in Atlanta. I've also use Uber when I travel, even in Shanghai, China. To the standard taxi companies, I say, suck it! You had your chance, you blew it.

Comment: Re:You Can Help (Score 2) 90

by Fuzi719 (#47221467) Attached to: Behind the Great Firewall: What It's Really Like To Log On From China
Last year the GFW began blocking OpenVPN connections. Many VPN providers were blocked, their DNS entries erased from the standard DNS servers that the Chinese ISPs use. The way around that now is to hardcode a DNS server like OpenDNS or Google DNS and to use PPTP or L2TP VPN connections. I can attest that those still work, I was back in China over the Chinese New Year holidays. I was able to use VPN on my laptop connected to a Shanghai ISP as well as on my Android phone using China Mobile HSPA+ data.

Comment: False accusations? (Score 1) 183

by Fuzi719 (#45174759) Attached to: Huawei Using NSA Scandal To Turn Tables On Accusations of Spying
Perhaps the reason for all the congressional/government banning of Huawei equipment was really not because there was any proof of Chinese government spying, but because there was no way for the NSA to get THEIR backdoors into Huawei equipment. The NSA could not allow US government and telecommunications companies to begin using equipment they could not hack.

Comment: Here's an idea... (Score 2) 292

by Fuzi719 (#45133481) Attached to: For Playstation 4 Owners, Bad News On USB, Bluetooth Headsets
"ITworld's Peter Smith is shedding a tear for his $250 Turtle Beach PX5 headset." Sorry, but no sympathy for him. Instead of shedding a tear for your "beloved" device, why not DON'T BUY A PS4. But no, everyone will bitch and moan and gnash their teeth and rant online, but they'll still hand over their money to Sony, who doesn't give a rat's ass. Hey Peter Smith, it's YOUR fault, yours and those like you who keep giving these greedy idiots your money.

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