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Comment Gorbachev yes. Kennedy & Reagan vs US govt (Score 1) 184

One thing that makes Kennedy and Reagan stand out to me is that they did precisely the right thing at the right time -despite- everyone around them pushing to do the opposite. During the Cuban missile crisis, a lot of top people wanted to basically start WW3. The Soviet government, headed by Kruchev, pushed the US that direction.

Later, as the USSR was weakened to the point that the US could actually win the Cold War and end it, all of Reagan's advisors wanted him to play nice, to get along with the USSR rather than defeat them. EVERYBODY said the "tear down this wall" line was too confrontational. Reagan went ahead and got confrontational and won the cold war, very much making that decision -personally-.

I think Gorbachev was in a somewhat similar position- he had the wisdom to recognize that statist communism wasn't working, and markets had to be opened. That recognition of the failure of the soviet ideology wasn't popular.

I don't know that Kruschev was in the same boat. A lot of people in his position probably would have done more or less the same thing he did.

Comment Plentiful? Unemployment worse than 80% (Score 1) 440

> Yeah, I would hate to live somewhere where jobs are plentiful

California ranks 41st for unemployment. 80% of the country is doing better.

I suppose that if you're accustomed to the mess that California has been for 30 years, having more jobs than West Virginia seems "plentiful" in comparison. The simple fact is, few states have unemployment as bad as California does, even as California has "recovered" from third-world rates.

Comment Re:well (Score 1) 62

Technically it is possible to create a system for perfect judgement calls. This law is based around the concept of, 'what the general public feels reasonable', as such to be in affect perfect, it needs to be put to the general public for their opinion. So every right to be forgotten claim, should be put to the public to vote on and when sufficient votes are accrued to remove it, it disappears, this would also take into account contrary votes from members of the public who feel it should remain being deducted from that total. So a reasonably representative number as a percentage of the population, can view the content and the relevant search and vote. Done and finished ;D.

Comment Re:If it's really a policy (Score 1) 221

Sure ban some ads but don't ban others, the ad seemed pretty reasonable and should have been tested upon it's own merits ie a broad range of people of many nationalities with a very broad demographic sharing faith. Jedi was on my census form and will continue to be so for as long as I live (although the appropriateness of the question being questionable and a government official threatening to penalise people if they wrote it it, might have had considerable bearing on that response).

Comment Re:Don't pirate software (Score 2) 83

No matter what is in the video, what makes you think the foolish judge has not turned him into an instant internet hero and made the pigopolists look even worse. Especially to all those views from people who can not speak Czech and just viewed the content to 'argh' support the pirate 239,002 when I added my support. So to be fair what are the latest penalties for abusing DMCA takedown, still fuck all?

Comment Re:Putin cares! (Score 1) 45

So explain to everyone why exactly you want to keep your medical records abroad?
Why do you want your dental records abroad?
Why do you want you local investment details abroad?
Why do you want you correspondence with local relatives, neighbours and friends abroad?
Why do you want correspondence with your local employer abroad?
Why do you want you dealing with local government abroad?
Why do you want your dealings with State government abroad?
Why do you want your dealings with federal government abroad?
Why do you want your dealings with local retailers abroad?
Seriously why the fuck would you want the contents of your own hard disk drive, at your own desk, stored abroad?

The list goes on, phone communications, what you watch on smart TV, fucking conversations in your own fucking lounge room, stored abroad. Me thinks your a full of PR=B$. I side with those who support the idea, that any data about me created in my country, stays in my country and that it be regularly audited by the government for invasions of privacy and excessive data retention. Don't trust my government, well, I trust corporations a whole lot less and demand that my government keep a bloody close eye on their activities and start fining them sufficiently that egregious corporations are actually sent into bankruptcy and their executives imprisoned.

Comment Re:Exaggerated again ... (Score 1) 40

If Data and Lore had been configured with different host keys, a whole lot of anguish could have been avoided.

When a signal transmission is detected from Data's quarters, Wesley Crusher arrives to investigate. He finds Lore, now impersonating Data, who explains that he had to incapacitate his brother after being attacked. Wesley is doubtful, but since Lore and Data were misconfigured with identical host keys, he has little option but to pretend to accept the explanation.

Understanding Secure Shell Host Keys

Comment Re:Energy cost [Re:Cost of access is key.] (Score 1) 314

Where are you getting $0.10 per KWH?


The other poster gave some enlightening information on boosters and propellants please give us more details.

I was not addressing boosters or propellants. I was addressing a single point, that "the shear amount of energy" is the problem. There are indeed reasons that getting into orbit is expensive. But the amount of energy, in itself, is not a major cost.

Comment Re: Easy solution (Score 1) 440

Well something has to pay for the US leaching so much money out of the Australian economy via junk money investments backed by the US Fed, to basically leach as much money as possible out of the Australian economy.

On topic though, horse traders bitterly complain about selling the infernal combustion engine. Trying to explain how they can fit so many horse powers in that tiny space, why you can't feed it hay or why it seems so stupid it can't follow a road without constantly controlling it or why can;t you breed with two of them, is just to difficult and they should ban them, Either that of they have been told to complain by infernal combustion engine manufacturers as a typical PR=B$ stunt.

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