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Comment: Now I'm worried about Holocaust assignments (Score 2) 421

by FutureRobertOverlord (#47737737) Attached to: South Carolina Student Arrested For "Killing Pet Dinosaur"
Clearly what this means is that any kid who writes any assignment about any subject is going to carry out the contents of what they wrote. There are thousands of schoolchildren writing about the Holocaust who should probably be locked up before they commit genocide.

Comment: Re:Big fusion reactor unnecessary for boosting (Score 1) 305

by FutureRobertOverlord (#47708063) Attached to: If Fusion Is the Answer, We Need To Do It Quickly
More importantly, it also depends on the design of fusion plants, since the current plan with tokamak-style magnetic confinement fusion reactors (like ITER) is to use lithium to produce tritium that will be consumed in the reactor. There might be more of a risk associated with inertial confinement (like the NIF), but I think you're right that the proliferation concerns from fusion are less worrisome, particularly when compared to a fast breeder fission reactor.

Comment: Useless Generalizations (Score 2) 533

I'm surprised to see all of the anti-libertarian sentiment in the comments above. I haven't seen this much anger at straw-man libertarian views outside of Salon. At least based on people's comments about libertarians, you'd think that libertarianism were some unified Kochtopus front ready to take away everything they hold dear, rather than a fairly divided set of political views and philosophies that share a few bits of common ground. I guess the angry folks don't read the same people I do.

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