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Comment: The best way to reduce crashes... (Score 1) 367

by FuryG3 (#36399370) Attached to: Los Angeles To Turn Off Traffic-Light Cameras

I'm guessing the majority of nasty accidents at intersections result from people trying to catch the tail end of the light... esp when combined with people who are getting a jump on the green.

1) Long yellow-light durations. You'll speed through a light that's just turned yellow, but you'll stop at a light that's been yellow for a while. My hometown (Fremont) found that adjusting this setting reduced red-light running by much more than installing intersection cameras:
2) Long pauses between the moment that one signal goes red and the cross-traffic's signal turns green. This allows the intersection to clear, even from assholes who still manage to run a red even after the long yellow.

Ironically (but predictably) what seems to happens when stoplight cameras are installed is a LOWERING of the yellow-light duration...

Comment: Re:It should be a two-way street (Score 1) 770

by FuryG3 (#27063775) Attached to: Smart Immigrants Going Home

I don't know where you read that article, but it's total bullshit (if it even exists).

Quick searching online reveals tons of info on getting a work visa in both China and India, as well as success stories. I personally know people who have traveled to and worked in China teaching English (commercially).

China's program is called a Z-Visa:

India's Employment Visa:

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