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Rusty Foster Isn't Dead 162

Posted by timothy
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While he was vacationing with his wife, Kuro5hin founder Rusty Foster was killed — at least in the eyes of Facebook. NBC News details how it happened: a "pal" pranked both Foster and Facebook by notifying the social site of Foster's supposed death, providing as documentation the obituary of another, much older man by the same name. Getting the Facebook version of his life back took some doing; based on this article it seems much easier to convince Facebook that you're dead than that you're alive.

Goldbach Conjecture: Closer To Solved? 170

Posted by timothy
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mikejuk writes "The Goldbach conjecture is not the sort of thing that relates to practical applications, but they used to say the same thing about electricity. The Goldbach conjecture is reasonably well known: every integer can be expressed as the sum of two primes. Very easy to state, but it seems very difficult to prove. Terence Tao, a Fields medalist, has published a paper that proves that every odd number greater than 1 is the sum of at most five primes. This may not sound like much of an advance, but notice that there is no stipulation for the integer to be greater than some bound. This is a complete proof of a slightly lesser conjecture, and might point the way to getting the number of primes needed down from at most five to at most 2. Notice that no computers were involved in the proof — this is classical mathematical proof involving logical deductions rather than exhaustive search."

Comment: Re:Wait a minute. (Score 1) 112

by mangamuscle (#38424040) Attached to: Researchers Create "Mighty Mouse" With Gene Tweak
Nobody seems to comment on the obvious, the gene helps fight famine! Nowadays in developed countries this might not seem like a feature, but for the early cro magnon, having too much muscle when there was little to eat might have been the only reason they could emigrate all over the world while the bigger (and stronger) gorillas never left africa and never attained massive population growth.

Comment: Re:Sound strategy (Score 1) 735

by mangamuscle (#37921916) Attached to: US Defunds UNESCO After Palestine Vote
Neither it is in the Palestinian constitution Hamas is only a political party which achieved victory in democratic elections, which is no surprise that people elect tough sounding officials in time of war, but in times of peace people elect less radical politicians.

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