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Did the Spamhaus DDoS Really Slow Down Global Internet Access? 70

Posted by samzenpus
from the what's-to-blame dept.
CowboyRobot writes "Despite the headlines, the big denial of service attack may not have slowed the Internet after all. The argument against the original claim include the fact that reports of Internet users seeing slowdowns came not from service providers, but the DDoS mitigation service CloudFlare, which signed up Spamhaus as a customer last week. Also, multiple service providers and Internet watchers have now publicly stated that while the DDoS attacks against Spamhaus could theoretically have led to slowdowns, they've seen no evidence that this occurred for general Internet users. And while some users may have noticed a slowdown, the undersea cable cuts discovered by Egyptian sailors had more of an impact than the DDoS."

Comment: Re:Source (Score 1) 255

by FumarMata (#41761765) Attached to: Huawei Offers 'Complete and Unrestricted' Source Code Access
If you can't prove that there are backdoors, you are just being RACIST

(Right! Chinese are evil, somebody told me that all their stuff is packed with viruses and stuff. BTW: Let's ban brands that employ black people. Those guys are evil too. Oh! And Australian products? I heard that Australians are the descendants of criminals... can we ban their exports too? [/sarcasm])

Comment: Re:Occupy HTML, written in HTML (Score 3, Informative) 507

by FumarMata (#38087456) Attached to: Occupy Flash?
You didn't understand a word. They are saying that for certain websites, it's better to use HTML and for other websites it's better to use Flash. To do all websites only in Flash or only in HTML is a mistake. One might think that it's a reasonable response... but well, some times you have to explain it twice for people to understand. Or people should read/listen before talking about something

+ - Could this be the end of RIM?

Submitted by oxide7
oxide7 (1013325) writes "On Monday Research in Motion announced a recall on its just recently minted and extremely hyped-up Playbook tablet computer. Unfortunately this disappointing news doesn't come in a vacuum for the company, but instead follows a series of missteps This pattern of demise has been seen many times in the tech industry: a pioneer builds a market and reaps gains, but just can't find the next move to make — and time runs out."

+ - Hardware Manufacturers Target iOS->

Submitted by Orome1
Orome1 (1901578) writes "iOS is emerging as a platform which numerous hardware manufacturers selected as their next target. Just this week Seagate released the first mobile wireless storage for iOS with 500GB and Wi-Fi access over 802.11 b/g/n and a rechargeable battery. Redfish Instruments introduced the iDVM Digital Multimeter which wirelessly connects to an iOS-enabled device via an ad hoc wireless network allowing users to acquire, visualize, and share electrical measurement data. Fulcrum Biometrics unveiled its FbF mobileOne fingerprint biometric accessory for iPod touch which enables the development and deployment of portable and networkable biometric identification systems. Are Android and Windows Phone 7 lagging behind?"
Link to Original Source

Comment: Re:How cheap? (Score 1) 620

by FumarMata (#35498612) Attached to: Cutting Prices Is the Only Way To Stop Piracy

As I said before: I know that there are pirates and they are pirating and will pirate forever and I don't complain like "I'm not rich because of them". I am making (a bit) of money, my game is fun and not boring, feedback is great

I only want everybody to agree that pirating a 0.99 game is LOW, indecent, unfair. Again: we are not talking about human rights, food, medicines, etc. we are talking about you pirating a 0.99 app while having a 4.99 frapuccino

The companies that bitch about it now so loud, have been making millions/billions of dollars over the years even with piracy around I'm a guy programming for 6 months, paying an illustrator to make drawings and a band to make the music. Thinking that everybody is M$, Apple or Adobe is naive. Or a reason to not to feel guilty for stealing stealing the guy next door

Comment: Re:How cheap? (Score 1) 620

by FumarMata (#35497756) Attached to: Cutting Prices Is the Only Way To Stop Piracy
Yes, you are right. I can't convince pirates and I'll never get their money and I don't have the feeling of "i'm not rich because of pirates"
But I would like we all to agree that it's at least a lack of decency and respect for other people's work, there is no fair reason why you would have the right to pirate a 0.99 game.
It's not food, medicines or the right to have a house. It's a 0.99 game that you are pirating while having a 4.99 frapuccino

Comment: Re:How cheap? (Score 1) 620

by FumarMata (#35497174) Attached to: Cutting Prices Is the Only Way To Stop Piracy
Who told you that it's not fun? I have been featured elsewhere, it's having it's rate of success, top 25 in Games in USA and other countries. No I'm not a millionaire. No, you don't have to tell me how to do my job. And I'm totally entitled to money.

But the question is why is people still pirating 0.99 $ games? Are you saying that people pirates games because they are not fun? And when will they know that the game was fun? Before or after pirating it? ...really?

Even if my game is crap, why are you entitled to enjoy the crap that took me 6 month to produce, paying everybody's salaries, for free?

Gaming Without a Safety Blanket 79

Posted by Soulskill
from the rocket-launchers-make-fine-safety-blankets dept.
Hugh Pickens writes "IGN has an interesting interview with Tom Bissell, author of the recently published Extra Lives: Why Video Games Matter, in which Bissell uses his experience in investigative journalism and as a war correspondent to describe his years playing games. Bissell talks about the difficulties in describing gameplay to non-gamers. 'A lot of casual games sort of submerge their storytelling to an almost subliminal level while upping the gameplay sophistication,' says Bissell. 'Writing about pure gameplay is tough. ... I say in the book that's one of the most suspect things about the form; a game with [an] incredibly dopey story but a really compelling mechanical set of resonances can still be a great game. I don't know if there's really a way to talk about that with people who aren't sold on the form.' Bissell adds that it's easier for many to find meaning in the more traditional delivery systems of entertainment and compares writing about games to the difficulty in describing rock & roll to an older generation. Bissell's background as a war correspondent, traveling to regions of conflict, has also translated into the games he likes."

Feds To Help Train 50,000 Health IT Workers 212

Posted by Soulskill
from the bears-need-time-off-too dept.
Lucas123 writes "The US Department of Health and Human Services is spending about $144 million on grant programs at more than 80 colleges and universities to help fill a void of about 50,000 workers for IT jobs in the healthcare industry. The workers are needed to help hospitals, physician practices and other healthcare entities to roll out electronic medical records, which the government is promoting through the use of reimbursement funds for those who implement EMRs and penalties for those who don't. The Health IT courses are set to begin this fall in five regions around the US and are aimed exclusively at workers who have previous IT or healthcare experience."

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