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Comment: Re:Can't be pirated? (Score 1) 340

it can still be pirated, just run line level audio-out on your home stereo to audio line-in on a PC and some recording software and BAM! instant pirate, just do a test run or two to make sure you have the mixer volume levels good so it is not too quiet or not so loud that it picks up noise, there is always a sweet spot where it will sound good

Comment: not everyone is a U2 fan (Score 1) 609

sure they have a few hit songs, and i enjoy listening when they are played on the FM radio but i wont go buying their music, i dont buy any music or movies anymore, i just dont consider my income disposable like that anymore, i rather save it for more important expenses

Comment: if you really want to cut emissions (Score 1) 486

by FudRucker (#47868001) Attached to: To Really Cut Emissions, We Need Electric Buses, Not Just Electric Cars
kill the commercial airline industry and make people stay home, and QUIT importing crap from all over the world because those HUGE cargo ships burn some of the nastiest fuel in the world, keep manufacturing in home countries, if Sony wants to sell electronics in the USA they need to build them in the USA, same with all other manufacturing, so reconfigure the global economy so companies have to build what they want to sell in those host countries

Comment: at first i was with the old school crowd (Score 1) 826

by FudRucker (#47750689) Attached to: Choose Your Side On the Linux Divide
for now i have become neutral on the topic of SystemD

i have Slackware-14.1 on an old 686 desktop that uses BSD style boot scripts, and i love it because they are easy to read and edit to my personal taste

i also have a x86_64 laptop that just got a fresh install of Debian Testing (Jessie) and Debian comes stock with SystemD starting with Jessie forward (unlike older releases) and so far it has not given me any problems, of course i did not do any tweaking to the startup scripts on the laptop

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