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Comment Facebook is a flustercluck (Score 0) 174

what a HUGE pile of spammy crap, i tred it for a few weeks because many friends use it, i can not stand facebook, it is a terrible website, twitter is better, i told my friends if they want to send me a message to call or text or use twitter, fuck facebook that place is awful!!! facebook is fucking awful!!!

Comment i only seen too things disappear (Score 1) 299

the RS232 serial port and the parallel printer port from the back of PCs, i went out and searched for a desktop that still had a RS232 serial port so i can run a SDR radio naively (old Ten-Tec RX320) one of these days i will buy a nice Bonito RadioJet 1120s or Perseus, but those radios cost big bucks, and the RTL.SDR is cheap but it is also a piece of junk

Comment I give up = throwing in the towel (Score 0) 785

after spending a few bucks on a Software defined radio and researching the apps available for SDRs and trying both Linux and windows and building from source on Linux VS installing binaries it has come to light that it dont matter if you build from source or install binaries from package managers SDR on Linux SUCKS!, and on windows it performs better (not great but better) and i dont have the time or inclination to roll my own anymore, so i became operating system agnostic, i dont care anymore if it is Linux or windows, whatever OS has the apps pre-rolled that work the best is all i are about, and so far WIndows wins in the SDR dept, but i still do all my general purpose computing on Linux for the time being = the love affair with linux is over, i dont have the time to fiddlefuck with Linux anymore, so whatever OS has the right app for the job gets the job, if not it gets pushed to the back burner

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