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Comment Re:Therapy? (Score 3, Insightful) 133

if it is good hardware why not put a new operating system on it and make it work for a few more years, no sense in filling the landfills up just because the software became obsolete,

the computer i am typing this on was built by me in 2000, i used to dual boot a copy of windows 2000 and Linux Slackware-8 when it was new, today windows is gone and i am running Debian Jessie on it, the hardware is old but it works good so why not put a new operating system on it

Comment install another operating system (Score 3, Interesting) 133

hopefully some clever x-google employee or a current google employee will so do some work on the side at home and build a customized debian or slackware port that is easily installed in any android device, most are locked down so this cant happen but i bet somebody has the key to unlocking these android phones that have so far been uncrackable at the firmware/hardware level

Comment because china's industry is so clean (Score 1) 299

and all those cargo ships china sends all over the world are so clean, i am not even going to read the article because just by the title i can tell it is a pile of shit, the bankers and industrialists that that run wallstreet and other financial centers around the world have conveniently hidden all their dirty factories in china and other third world nations where the citizens they hire have no human rights so they are basically slaves that work for just enough money to feed themselves

the global economy is slavery-2.0

Comment I think Apple's glory days are over (Score 0, Troll) 311

with Steve Jobs dead Apple is slowly sliding to the back of the technology race, a good android smartphone is just as good as an iphone for much less cost, and Linux on a PC is looking better everyday, i give Apple another 5 to 10 years and they will be a shadow of their former selves

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