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Submission + - Nvidia GPUs Break Google Chrome's Incognito Mode

An anonymous reader writes: Nvidia GPUs don't clear out memory previously-allocated, and neither does Chrome before releasing memory back to the shared memory pool. If the user would be watching pr0n (for example) via Incognito Mode, close the session, and then open Diablo 3, while the game launches he'd see snapshots of the "private" browsing session in Diablo's loading screen.

Comment Scientific computing (Score 1) 262

Desktops aren't the intended audience for x32. This stuff is for very specific scientific compute jobs that are pointer intensive (i.e., graphs etc). You won't see GNOME/KDE/whatever packages for this architecture.

The popularity of this arch won't manifest itself in general purpose software packages: most computation will be in one-off custom programs that are never released. That doesn't mean this architecture isn't popular, it just means you're using the wrong metric.

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