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Comment Fun Movie, Not Future Reality (Score -1, Flamebait) 106

It's a movie > Maybe a fun movie, but a movie. Nothing in it real, and the big stuff is not even remotely possible, or for that matter, what it may be like if insanity prevails and we trip to Mars. It's fun for engineers to traipse off into fantasy with movie directors, but most of the time it's just that, fantasy, like Doctor Who...

Comment GOOD GRIEF! (Score 5, Informative) 559

bottled water is now on track to overtake soda as the largest beverage category in two years.

Everyone should note that for the most part bottled water is just "tap water" that has been filtered. At $1 plus a bottle (plus the almost always not recycled plastic bottle), why don't people just get a Britta filter for home or office? Filtered tap water is now more expensive than soda!

Comment Complete Crap (Score 2) 178

Why, IRAN managed to hijack a US drone...

No, that's not what happened, and you know it. The drone in question had a software failure and landed in Iranian territory. Automatic systems on the drone destroyed all of the software, and some of the hardware.

Iranian chest thumping about this incident is NOT born out by these things called facts. You will also note that the Iranian claim to have reverse engineered this drone has not resulted in a similar Iranian drone.

Comment Non-Issue (Score 1) 178

It's really not that easy. The combination of space constraints and aerodynamic engineering makes it a little more complicated than bolting a weight on. This is simply a routine engineering issue that will be solved the same way as all issues found in testing. Nothing to see, please move along.

Comment Re:The F-35 is having problems? (Score 2) 178

Are you aware that the US Air Force has had female combat pilots for a number of years? Did you know that these female pilots have participated in many real world missions? Did you know that at McChord AFO (JBLM-Lewis McChord Field) that we have quite a few female C17 pilots (yes, I know, not a fighter, I work here)? Gender is no longer a bar to pilot status in ANY US Air Force air frame.

Comment Re:what's the problem? (Score 2) 142

all of your ebooks will be stored in amazon's cloud. why would they be on the SD card?

Because when I'm in the Out Back and want to read, there isn't a cell tower around? Because my carrier has a shitty data plan, I'm poor, and want to access the items I presumably purchased?

Submission NASA to announce confirmation of periodically flowing water on Mars surface

Frosty Piss writes: Accotding to CNN, on Monday, NASA will announce confirmation of periodically flowing water on the Mars surface. Three of the scientists slated for the news conference are listed as authors of a new paper [PDF] to be delivered at this week's European Planetary Science Congress, in which the researchers say analysis of imaging from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter proves that seasonal dark streaks on the Martian surface are the result of briny water periodically flowing across the planet's surface.

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