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Comment Re:Solution: static ads from 1st party (Score 1) 275

If you're complaining about me not watching ads on your site, how about showing me ads FROM your site, not a third party's

The infrastructure required for a high-traffic web site of media company with a number of high-traffic sites is not insignificant, and like mail servers it's often a better idea to farm it out so as to be able to focus on content.

Comment Indeed. (Score 1) 237

According to multiple sources, the satellite is no longer tumbling.

Interestingly, this was reported in news almost a day before the Slashdot story was posted, I assume Timmy doesn't read the news nor, you know, verify the up-to-date accuracy of "current events"...

Comment Re:Sad state of affairs (Score 1) 81

Indeed official staff names, titles, emails, and phone numbers are ALL things that are available to the public through staff directories or FOIA. Much about nothing, and if the "hackers" actually think they hacked something secret, they are most likely just script kiddies who found a public server of a honey pot.

Comment Re:Download.com (Score 2) 117

Cnet's Download.com didn't start off that way. "Back in the day" it could be a great "go-to" for software downloads. But they have or are cutting their own throats, it's hard to imagine anyone downloading anything from these clowns today. Let alone actually read any of the "articles" they publish, I mean seriously, who reads that shit?

Comment Re:Best way to stop these criminals (Score 1) 133

There is a difference between your work phone / email / address and your home phone / email / address. These script kiddies released work phone / email / address, which *IS* public information. The document you quote is talking about personal phone / email / address, and indeed also says "may", not "is".

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