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Comment Re:Feynman and Crichton (Score 1) 254

Acutely summed up in this quote from the Crichton lecture:

In science consensus is irrelevant. What is relevant is reproducible results. The greatest scientists in history are great precisely because they broke with the consensus. There is no such thing as consensus science. If it's consensus, it isn't science. If it's science, it isn't consensus. Period.

Comment Re:From TFA: bit-exact or not? (Score 1) 172

There used to be a web page called "Your Eyes Suck at Blue". You might find it on the Wayback machine.

You can tell the luminance of each individual channel more precisely than you can perceive differences in mixed color. This is due to the difference between rod and cone cells. Your perception of the color gamut is, sorry, imprecise. I'm sure that you really can't discriminate 256 bits of blue in the presence of other, varying, colors.

Comment Re:From TFA: bit-exact or not? (Score 5, Insightful) 172

Rather than abuse every commenter who has not joined your specialty on Slashdot, please take the source and write about what you find.

Given that CPU and memory get less expensive over time, it is no surprise that algorithms work practically today that would not have when various standards groups started meeting. Ultimately, someone like you can state what the trade-offs are in clear English, and indeed whether they work at all, which is more productive than trading naah-naahs.

Comment Re:As it's been said, it is like bailing out a bat (Score 4, Interesting) 71

Actually, comments like yours are the kind of "media hype" they've been getting... It seems to consist of more unsupported criticism than anything else. And more to the point, all the criticisms have been soundly addressed, in a nice convenient list, LAST YEAR:

You'll find a lot of the crap you're spouting is already in there, and already debunked.

Comment Re:HOSTS file (Score 1) 418

I'd noticed long before Win7+ that once in a while my HOSTS file seemed to get ignored. Don't recall specifics offhand, but at least back as far as Win98 (at least, once TurboTax forcibly applied IE5.5, which also fucked up Win98's resource management. -- That was also the last time I bought TurboTax.)

Comment Re:Bureaucracy (Score 1) 275

Or maybe Sgt.Burke is really saying, "Not all of us want to store your data forever. But some do. So we compromise by dragging our fiscal feet to make it difficult to retain more of your data."

Let's see what happens at the next budget appropriations session in Oakland... then we'll find out who's on the side of privacy or bureaucracy.

Comment Re:I remember ..... (Score 1) 284

In my latest testing spasm, I found that there's far less customization available (at least as offered by the distro's tools) in KDE5, to the point that I could not get things sufficiently restful to my eyes, and that launcher-style menu just pisses me off. Didn't crash on me, but I only had the thing up an hour or so on the test box, running off a LiveCD (well, LiveUSB). Crashy would get it nixed here real quick too, tho.

I like KDE4 for the most part, and ... if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Comment Re:Problem with the solution? (Score 1) 193

Jesus. Sometimes "on the plane" means you're on a fucking plane, and can't do some things.

I can see where the confusion comes from... Packed-in together with a bunch of people, an extremely noisy environment. Hell, an airplane is a slight improvement over many office spaces. And if you couldn't be engrossed with work, you might have to think about how you've crammed-in a noisy metal tube like sardines, with no personal space, no leg-room, no comfort to speak of at all.

And don't call me "Jesus".

Comment Re:Problem with the solution? (Score 1) 193

VNC is an essential part of my job, in that I cannot run the sims on a puny IT issued laptop, and need my desktop

VNC sucks. You'd get vastly better performance out of ANY OTHER remote display protocol... Try NX, Citrix, or RDP if you must, but get rid of VNC if at all possible.

VNC is useful on KVMs and other dumb devices that don't have any idea what they're going to display, but locally, on a computer, it makes no sense unless nothing better is available.

Comment Re:Linux Mint (Score 1) 318

Thanks for the recommendation; in my latest testing adventure, I'd overlooked this one. Downloading now. :)

One of my bugaboos from a usability standpoint is the common inability to set system colors that override individual apps, as we can do in Windows. Some KDE apps will respect system settings, but most don't... and that usual default white app background hurts my eyes after a while. And included themes tend to be not much better. So no long-term usage for me so long as a given desktop/app doesn't allow workspace colors to be set, or doesn't make theme creation stupid-easy. (Seriously, I don't know what the heck some of your widget *names* refer to; what's wrong with pick-and-click like WinXP-and-before colors does it?)

Comment Re:Linux Mint (Score 1) 318

Same here. Every iteration of Windows inspires me to a spasm of examining linux distros, but until now I've always gone away disappointed. Mint's current incarnation, while not quite up to the WinXP that's still my preferred Windows, is very encouraging. And while I still generally prefer the KDE desktop, Cinnamon is going in the right direction for everyday usability. I liked Mint well enough to install it on one of my frankenputers for further review. (Now if only GRUB hadn't committed suicide at age 2 days...)

So with the advent of Windows 10, I've been looking at lots of current distros via an Easy2Boot setup running them off a USB stick (so they all have identical resources to start with, and no waiting for either a DVD to load or an install to HD) and it was interesting to compare bootup and performance times. The system is a quad-core 2.5GHz with 4GB RAM, onboard video, and no hard disk. On average, startup time is around 55 seconds from boot to desktop (worst was OpenSuSE at 105 seconds), and LibreOffice takes 8 to 14 seconds to start. Shutdown time tends to be proportional. But Mint starts in about 25 seconds, and LibreOffice on Mint takes only 4 seconds, plus shutdown is RIGHT NOW, no waiting. Big difference, far as I can tell (not being a linux guru) is that Mint doesn't load near as much crap that really isn't useful for the desktop user. At shutdown, according to an included sysinfo tool, only one module was running, not 50 or 200 like the more typical distro.

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