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Submission + - Open source gives Arx Fatalis new lease of life->

An anonymous reader writes: Anyone who is a fan of the games created by Looking Glass Studios (System Shock, Thief) or the Ultima Underworld series by Blue Sky Productions, will no doubt count Arx Fatalis on their list of owned and completed games.

What’s interesting about Arx Fatalis is that development of the game started up again last year even though the original shipped in 2002 (Windows, Xbox). Arkane Studios released patch 1.21 and with it open sourced the engine. That led to an new project called Arx Libertatis, which aimed to update the game to be played on multiple modern operating systems including Windows and Linux.

As the original game was for PC and Xbox, it relied heavily on DirectX. Arx Libertatis changed that by porting the engine to use SDL, OpenGL, and OpenAL so as to open up compatibility for other systems. They’ve also fixed a number of glitches the original game had, updated the rendering system, video resolutions, and implemented a port to the amd64 architecture.

Version 1.0 of Arx Libertatis has just been made available, and already has Windows and Linux versions available (Mac users can play it too).

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Comment Re:Pure BS and FUD (Score 2) 206

Fashion accessory? I guess scientists and engineers are a mighty fashionable bunch, then. Most researchers I know (I'm in aerospace and split my time between NASA and Stanford) swear by Apple machines. UNIX underpinnings, It All Just Works, and the hardware is bulletproof. Best of all worlds.

Comment Re:Seagate ? No, Thanks ! (Score 2, Interesting) 272

Same here. Two of the 7200.11 drives (with updated firmware) died on me in the last year, and one of the RMA replacements also died soon after deployment (I know, I know, never use refurbs in a NAS; I learnt my lesson the hard way). So that's three for me too. I'd love to say "screw Seagate! Never again!" except that I'm hard pressed to find any manufacturer with a known "good" model -- they all seem to have issues. Don't even get me started on WDC. Seagate was the one go-to brand, and at this point I really don't trust them anymore. I guess it's time to stop cheaping out and getting enterprise class drives for NAS use...

Comment NVIDIA chipset issues? (Score 1, Interesting) 52

<speculation>I've more often than not had issues with "not Intel" chipsets when it came to reliable data transfer, particularly when stressing the system. Maybe Apple found some intermittent issue with their NVIDIA-based machines which were mitigated by turning down the SATA speed?</speculation>

It's a pity that Intel is unable to produce a decent integrated graphics solution...

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