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Comment: Homemade solution (Score 1) 420

by FrogBlastTheVentCore (#45965073) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Suggestions For a Simple Media Server?
I also found Plex, and other database driven, setting filled servers to be too annoying to use. I installed Apache2 and pointed it at my media folder. Then I wrote a little PHP that dumps the directory as a raw list of file paths separated by line breaks! sorted by date modified. Then I banged out a quick web page that sorts those by TV show and season. Tap a show get a list of seasons, tap a season, get a list of episodes. Each episode has a link to play it in the browser in a small frame below the episode list, a link to the actual file location,and best of all, a Javascript button that launches the episode in VLC on my TV computer using VLC's built-in HTTP interface, letting me start shows on the TV from any of my iOS devices.

Also, it's LCARS themed.

Comment: Web Controlled Power Switch (Score 2) 336

by FrogBlastTheVentCore (#45948131) Attached to: New Home Automation?

I love these guys. They aren't an "integrated solution" or anything, but they can turn eight sockets on and off in response to GET requests, run scripts, do time-related things, auto-power-cycle on failed ping... It's dead easy to slap together custom web pages/apps to trigger them. I use Siri to turn my lamps on and off alone or in clusters. "Turn off the bedside lamps", "turn off the foot lamp", "make it dark", "let there be light." The flexibility is what makes it fun. If I had your money, and had Ethernet next to every outlet, I'd have a hundred of them.

+ - ReactOS Kickstarts a Cloud Desktop Service->

Submitted by FrogBlastTheVentCore
FrogBlastTheVentCore (3453879) writes "Open-source NT-clone ReactOS is being spun off into a commercial project, pending the success of a new Kickstarter campaign. Thorium Core is pitched as a way to operate a Windows-compatible cloud desktop without the added cost of the "Windows tax," provide revenue to the ReactOS project for development, and feed the base project with improvements from the commercial side."
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+ - Evasi0n release iOS7 untethered Jailbreak for all devices

Submitted by FrogBlastTheVentCore
FrogBlastTheVentCore (3453879) writes "An early Christmas present for iDevice users: Evasi0n has just released an untethered jailbreak for all devices running iOS7. They recommend restoring your device to iOS 7.0.4 if it has received OTA updates before attempting to jailbreak. The software is available through mirrors linked at"

Comment: A Privacy Objection (Score 1) 378

Drones will probably be required to carry cameras for liability reasons, even if they aren't needed for navigation. Companies will probably be required to store that footage in case it's needed to investigate a crash, theft, or other event a drone could be involved it. That footage will be considered a "business record" under section 215, and large drone-operating companies will be required to hand the government massive quantities of video surveillance.

After all, if you're willing to let a third- party drone see thought your upstairs great window, you have no expectation of privacy for the footage it records.

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