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Comment Where have I heard this before? (Score 5, Insightful) 255

So with this API stuff, what you are proposing is that all systems should be divided up into functional blocks, where every block has a single logical purpose, and that savvy users are able to chain these functions together however they see fit to suit their purposes?

Where have I heard this idea before? Oh yeah... it's called The Unix Philosophy.

Comment Re:You have no understanding of light (Score 1) 330

You say: projector screens, something bright enough

I say: wall, no matter what projector

Pray tell, what model of projector would work on say, a 50% grey painted wall and still give decent color reproduction? What house paint works as well as a projector screen?

What is this mythical reasonably-priced projector that will work as well as a cinema projector, in a normally lit room?

projectors cannot possibly do black

We just went over this... Once again, rather than pretending to be in an H G Wells novel, address the fucking argument. Do you have an example of a projector set up that gives better contrast than a modern TV in reasonable light conditions.

Comment Re:You have no understanding of light (Score 1) 330

the BRIGHTEST aspects of the image are so bright

Uh, yeah, that's what we mean by 'contrast ratio'? We are saying that even if your room is pitch black, the contrast ratio between the the white wall and the white light will be WORSE than the contrast ration on any modern TV.

And you can of course easily provide some darker surface to project upon

Dude, do YOU understand how light works? If you have a grey wall instead of a while wall, it means that no matter what projecter you use, you will never have white.

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