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Comment: Re:How does that compare to desktops? (Score 1) 180 180

The joke is that cars have optimistic speedometers to make owners feel like they are faster, and they give up usability for "My speedometer goes up to 11".

I just like being snarky. I get the idea. I far prefer a big center-mounted analog tach with a digital speedo off to the left, as I've said elsewhere in this thread. Everything else can be sprinkled about as necessary. I did actually use the oil pressure gauge in the Mercedes today, though... I really need a new wastegate diaphragm.

Comment: Re:Taxi licenses are crazy expensive (Score 1) 303 303

So you think criminals should be able to drive people around? Sorry many don't agree.

It doesn't matter what they agree with, I know two women who have been raped by licensed taxi drivers, taxi licenses don't prevent crime, stop repeating that idiocy.

Most taxi inspections are based on months between inspections. It is very easy to see a sticker and ensure that the taxi has been properly inspected. It is very difficult to do that based on mileage.

No, no it isn't. Put a date and a number of miles on the sticker.

Professional licenses have a higher standard than standard licenses. They also require the training to do a proper daily pre-trip inspection.

The amazingly shitty experiences I've had in amazingly shitty taxis disagree

Comment: Re:If you can't keep your eyes on the ROAD (Score 1) 180 180

I rely on my night vision to spot animals and people at the side of the road. It doesn't matter how good my headlights are (as long as they are legal), they will not help me do that.

Of course they will. Headlights are meant to spread light to the sides. Any decent ones will do that. Even the Hella H4 sealed beam replacements have lenses that do that. Just make sure you get the right ones for which side you drive on...

+ - UK's National Computer Museum Seeks Repairmen for BBC Micros->

tresho writes: 1981-era 8-bit BBC Micro computers and peripherals are displayed in a special interactive exhibit designed to give modern students a taste of programming a vintage machine."We want to find out whether people have got skills out there that can keep the cluster alive as long as we can," said Chris Monk, learning co-ordinator at the organisation.

Owen Grover, a volunteer at the museum who currently helps maintain the cluster of BBC Micro machines, said they held up well despite being more than 30 years old. The BBC Micro was "pretty robust", he said, because it was designed to be used in classrooms. This meant that refurbishing machines for use in the hands-on exhibit was usually fairly straightforward. "The main problem we need to sort out is the power supply," he said. "There are two capacitors that dry out and if we do not replace them they tend to explode and stink the place out. So we change them as a matter of course." General maintenance on the machines includes replacing keys that stick and the occasional component that fails. Thankfully, he said, there were few custom-built components in the machine so getting spares is easy. Harder-to-obtain parts are cannibalised from broken or faulty machines the museum has in its stores.

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+ - Could Prison be a Killer App for an Apple Watch?

theodp writes: After seeing all the ways cops reportedly screwed up the manhunt for escaped killers David Sweat and (the late) Richard Matt, one wonders what could be done to prevent a recurrence of the need to have 1,200 police search 22 square miles for 1 man. If you've been to the movies lately, perhaps the tracking device for the Indominus Rex in Jurassic World comes to mind. Or could it be that a next-gen Apple Watch — with some combination of location tracking, cameras, and biometrics — is just what the doctor ordered for tracking incarcerated prisoners? In a world where Google is encouraging the use of technology to keep tabs on babies and pets, shouldn't prisoners be fair game for surveillance technology? Any ideas what that might look like?

Comment: key based auth (Score 1) 17 17

Why not use key based auth instead of password based?

Probably for the same reasons that crypto email never worked out, but I wish it were an option on things like banking websites.

I'm now using a password manager, so I can use pretty hard passwords without having to try to remember them. But using signed certs would be much much stronger still.

Comment: Re:Refill (Score 2) 156 156

What in the printer is going to be damaged by stray toner? If stray toner was an issue then laser printers wouldn't exist because no fuser can possibly hope to keep every particle charged and then melted without any falling off. As to the carcinogenicity of carbon black I'll quote the EPA

RTECS posts a 90-day intermittent inhalation "lowest published toxic concentration" of 50mg/m3 for 6 hours/day (TOXID9, as cited in RTECS) for respiratory tract changes in the rat,

If you think that refilling a toner cart is going to result in anywhere near that concentration of carbon black in your house for that period of time I have a bridge or two I wish to sell you. You're as paranoid as the folks that rail against CFL's due to the tiny amount of inorganic mercury they contain.

Comment: Re:Kinda similar ... (Score 4, Informative) 156 156

The lost leader carts in new printers generally have half or less toner than replacements so you're paying 2-3x as much per print AND you're contributing to e-waste. What I do is buy a toner refill kit and fill up the out of box cart with the same amount of toner as you get in the "high capacity" cartridges that cost more than the printer in some cases. My last 5 bottle refill kit (2 black, CMY) was $30 and printed a few thousand pages.

Comment: Refill (Score 4, Interesting) 156 156

For most Brother cartridges you can find refill kits for a fraction of what even generic toner carts with poor reviews cost. I've had good luck with mine, though you WILL want to buy new end caps as they get damaged enough when you remove them that they will almost always leak toner which makes a mess and ruins prints.

Comment: Re: is anyone using it? (Score 3, Interesting) 127 127

L3 has introduced random delays in their resolvers for anyone off-network so if you want decent performance you'll use just about anything but those. Google had some performance issues when they first introduced their anycast clusters but today they're as fast as anything I've tried.

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