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Comment Re:The movie's not out yet and I'm already tired (Score 1) 126

Day one patches are a thing, even on consoles. Should they be? No. But they are.

There does seem to be a reliance on day one patches, but I think you're making the problem out to be worse than it is. Plenty of games were shipped with game crippling bugs before the last few generations of consoles: from ET to Superman 64. And the complexity of games has only increased dramatically.

Additionally, just because a game company can update their game doesn't mean they can do it cheaply. Up until 2013, Microsoft charged thousands of dollars to certify a patch for a 360 game.

Comment Re:The movie's not out yet and I'm already tired (Score 1) 126

I don't know what the GP was talking about. I've played most of the triple-A games that have come out this year and haven't seen any in-game ads. As the AC pointed out, Burnout Paradise had in-game billboards for real businesses, but as long as it doesn't break the immersion, that's fine with me. It's not like we're talking about having to sit through a commercial while a level loads up.

Comment Re:Even though I got preview night tickets... (Score 2) 126

Just a minor correction: Activision Blizzard bought King. Blizzard make very few games and is not afraid to cancel a game that doesn't live up to their standards while Activision pumps out sequel after sequel and does its best to capitalize on whatever is popular at the moment. I'm not saying Blizzard is infallible, but the decision to overspend on King strikes me as more of an Activision decision.

Comment Re:The movie's not out yet and I'm already tired (Score 4, Informative) 126

Lacking robust content doesn't make it a turd; it just falls shy of my expectations of a $60 game. I purchased it despite knowing it had limited content because it serves as a nice change of pace from the other game I'm playing right now. Plus, the lack of gore makes it a nice shooter that I can play with my 12 and 8 year old niece and nephew.

Without some nice, free content, I doubt I'll still be playing it in three months. But I can say that about a lot of games I own.

Comment Re:Strange priorities around here.. (Score 1) 75

As a Massachusettsian, I agree that those of us who get regular snow and ice in the winter have some crazy potholes, but this isn't one of those topics were we need to compare who has it worse. Whether its a crack big enough to screw up your alignment or a pothole in which the entire front end of your car sinks, it sucks and it should be fixed before some of these other projects go live.

Comment Re:Maybe they're playing a different RPG than I am (Score 3, Insightful) 321

I've certainly had those types of campaigns. The simplest answer is that being a good Game Master can be a lot more work than people realize. Managing players with different concepts, playstyles, and expectations is a skill that a GM has to develop. But it's one that even a mediocre GM like myself can find useful, especially when dealing with office politics as an adult.

Comment Re:Our gov't is 100% clueless (Score 1) 136

What you have to remember here is that Her Majesty's Gov't especially Theresa May and David (Knob in a Pig) Cameron can't even spell "internet" let alone being able to draft any coherent legislation to control the Internet.

But isn't that the scary part? Here in the US, are legislators aren't tech people either. When they write bills, the CIA, NSA, and others that have tech people get to say what they're doing is legal because the legislators didn't know enough to say it should not be.

Comment Re:Note if we can stop.. (Score 4, Informative) 428

I'm not a nutritionist, but from what I've read and watched, very little food at the grocery store does not contain sugar (or corn syrup). Kraft Recipes lists sugar or corn syrup as one of the top ingredients for most of their Oscar Mayer brand prepackaged cold cuts -

Comment Dropping Epix and gaining a lot (Score 4, Informative) 294

Did people read a different article than I did? The linked article says the following:

"We also have some great family films coming your way, including Minions, Hotel Transylvania 2, and Home through arrangements with Sony Pictures Animation, Universal Pictures and DreamWorks Animation. Starting next year, we will be the exclusive US pay TV home of the latest theatrical movies from the The Walt Disney Company, including Pixar, Lucasfilm and Marvel movies. The majority of these films will arrive on Netflix faster than traditional arrangements had previously allowed."

I lose movies like World War Z and Transformers and gain access to the libraries of Disney and Sony? So long, Epix.

Comment Re:Close to owning (Score 1) 374

I think we agree on the end result that the woman has rights to use the pre-embryo to become pregnant, but I think we differ on how we get there.

First a note: it's not an embryo until a week or so after fertilization. I'm writing this on the assumption that you meant to say a woman owns her eggs and men own their sperm up until it fertilizes an egg.

If, in this case, the man and the woman jointly signed up for this service "no explicit contract in place" as the article says, they should both have access to the eggs. If the woman alone signed up for the service and the man was only involved to contribute his sperm (as seems to be the case), again "with no explicit contract in place", then the property is hers. In either situation, she should be able to use the pre-embryoes to become pregnant.

I don't think the deciding factor should be if it were an egg or sperm. Again, if we reverse the situation and it was the man who was going for chemo and the healthy woman who donated her eggs to be fertilized (with the expectation that the man would find a surrogate willing to accept the eggs [it's not a perfect comparison, I know]), should the healthy egg-donor be able to claim those eggs simple because the eggs trump the sperm? I should hope not, but, legally, I just don't know.

Comment Re:Both own half. (Score 1) 374

I can't speak for ALL western nations, but according to WebMD, the third trimester begins at week 27. According to, in the US, "if the pregnancy is farther than week 24, abortion is no longer an option". I looked this up to sate my own curiosity and not to feed into your flamebait post.

Comment Re:Close to owning (Score 5, Insightful) 374

Should sperm not be seen as part of a man's body then? And what if the situation was reversed? What if the man began a new relationship with a woman who couldn't have children. Should the man then be given rights to have the eggs he fertilized with girlfriend 1 transferred to girlfriend 2's uterus?

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