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Comment: Re:LOLWUT? (Score 1) 133

by FrigBot (#42130931) Attached to: Bluetooth Used To Track Traffic Times

Edmonton has the same problem too, bro. The Whitemud and Yellowhead are clog factories. 75th street, never intended to be a main artery, feels like you're driving through some third world place.The Henday helps, but is only two lanes wide and easily and frequently gets backed up. With the tailgating that goes on everywhere, it just takes one person to hit their brakes and it causes a chain reaction lasting several minutes. This morning I watched a guy almost plow into someone's ass there. There is no more room for all these extra people.

Comment: Re:What's so new about this? (Score 1) 133

by FrigBot (#42130805) Attached to: Bluetooth Used To Track Traffic Times

I love the Traffic layer. It works so good. It feels like the data is never really more than 5 minutes old, and when I'm on Highway 2 going home from Nisku to Edmonton every shitty day, I can see exactly where that day's traffic jam starts and ends, and it is like usually bang on. I use it to avoid messes all the time. So good.

Comment: Not sure where I fit (Score 2) 385

by FrigBot (#41710581) Attached to: How Do You Spot a Genius?

But it isn't genius. I don't have those two psychopathic traits, am not emotionally strong not aggressive. I'm not very good at defending myself or my ideas - from my boss, the owner of this machine shop I work in as an engineer (which I have the degree for). He doesn't believe in safety, and I haven't been able to convince him it's important to at least manage the internal liabilities. He just yells and throws tantrums. Like a psychopath (as described in the description).

I've also always never felt like I fitted in, in the places I've worked. I don't know what it is, seems like suspicion of what's going on or who's in charge. But I do know I don't want to be here. It just feels like something is out of alignment.

My biological dad is the same way. He told me about the jobs he had before going off on his own to do consulting, and even though he was competent, people didn't like him. Could be because he showed up late - but stayed late.

So I don't know what the hell to do. I just don't fit in. Maybe I need to go off on my own too.

Comment: Re:Which is why... (Score 1) 171

by FrigBot (#39958683) Attached to: Why Forbes Says Immigrants Make Better Entrepreneurs

Look, we in Canada here have our own version of xenophobia. Basically to immigrate here you have to be some sort of professional or a skilled person somehow. Then, the gatekeepers of our professions often keep those people out of the same professsions, for several different reasons. Unless the immigrant knows of a loophole, he can be stuck in limbo, with a Ph.d from where he's from, being relegated to some menial position. I have four examples of such people whom I know personally - but I don't want to cite them here for privacy reasons. Not to mention the "welcome services" for newcomers, who I have seen several times give very bad advice for preparing a resume and finding work.

Anyway, often immigrants here get tied to the purse-strings of a company willing to take them on, and are stuck there at their mercy for some length of time which is difficult to pin down. Usually stuck at a very low wage.

And, stop praising Canada for doing so well economically. Very little new technology is generated here, at least in Alberta. Most of our economy here is digging up resources and squandering the money on sports arenas, or down East, in manufacturing plants for the Big 3 US automakers plus Honda et al.

In conclusion, it's difficult for most immigrants to get started here, unless you're a refugee selected to come settle in a ghetto in one of our cities, continuing the tradition of barbarity, murdering amongst themselves and with poor driving skills.

Comment: Re:Just turn off the car? (Score 1) 911

by FrigBot (#39677397) Attached to: Mandatory Brake-Override Proposed For All Cars

Oh yes it will. Lately my second car, a '91 volvo, has been doing this thing when you start it up where it shuts off and loses all electrical power for a few seconds. You can the start it back up. But note that the radio resets, so somehow all power is lost.

Once it happened at speed on the highway. Shut off for about half a second and then started back up on its own, in gear, at 110 km/hr.

Comment: Re:Sounds like they'd be right at home in the GOP (Score 1) 796

by FrigBot (#39676763) Attached to: Indian Man Charged With Blasphemy For Exposing "Miracle"

Last year on a road trip I made it to Salt Lake City. It's a nice city and I like how the whole metro area is in that valley. But I wanted to also see the Temple square. We got there just in time that day to get a guided tour of some of the areas. It was just me and my friend but a local guy showed up too, huge smile on his face constantly, with his briefcase. He seemed to know that there's a good-sized Mormom community in Edmonton, AB where I'm from. He was just along for the tour even though he'd been through it before, he said.

I found the buildings there impressive, especially that big stage that lifts up hydraulically and stuff. The square itself was also clean and tidy. Later, we were showed around by two young women through the rest of the square. At one point, the nice looking one from San Jose said that Joseph Smith's answer to his question of why there were so many different Christian faith offshoots was to create another one. Seemed wierd to me. Anyway I gave up my phone number and yes I did get calls from them (not the nice looking one) when I got back home. But I wasn't interested in joining. Another wierd thing to me was that those two young women would only spend a limited amount of time with us and whisked themselves away.

Comment: Re:Wrong - Slam the ABS Brakes (Score 1) 756

by FrigBot (#39574517) Attached to: You're Driving All Wrong, Says NHTSA

I had the exact same experience in a 2006 Camry. Company car I used to work at. The brake pedal would go all the way to the floor, and this is when it was new. So when do you get full braking power? Yes I got into an accident in that thing, rear-ended someone. Not bad enough to set off airbags but still. On summer roads too. So stop flamebaiting.

Comment: Re:My phone has a camera (Score 1) 652

by FrigBot (#39198929) Attached to: Rearview Car Cameras Likely Mandated By 2014

Agreed. I have been setting my mirrors properly for about hte last 8 years. It is a huge help. When I first got a car witih a standard I took a quick lesson to get some tips, and one thing she told me was that your shoulder check should just be to the immediate left and right of you, like what's on the other side of either of your front windows. That should be the only area your side mirrors can't cover. It's funny, and bad, to see so many people trying to merge or change lanes and turning their whole body to look behind them. Scary actually. Even worse when you're their passenger. But it's very common.

Also, I just got a 2008 Civic Si. I have found that the mirrors only can be turned out just barely enough (they're electric) to see what I want. The passenger side always has a smidge of the side of my car in the mirror, can't make it go away. But still head and shoulders better than the alternative. Maybe the automakers are making it difficult to set mirrors properly because so many people refuse to do it...

Comment: Re:Au Contraire (Score 1) 215

by FrigBot (#39024733) Attached to: Canadian Govt To Introduce Massive Internet Surveillance Law

Can't blame me, I voted for Kodos.

But seriously, my votes in the last few elections have been protest votes. Goldring was the guy in my area at that time, and look what he did. I voted for the also-rans.

This is bad. Sadly, one of my best friends thinks Harper is a trustworthy, nice guy. Reality is he's as slimy as they come.

"Pull the trigger and you're garbage." -- Lady Blue