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Comment: Re:Viva La XP! (Score 1) 641

by FreonTrip (#46708597) Attached to: Meet the Diehards Who Refuse To Move On From Windows XP
Any luck with virtualization? I know you can "lock" various ports for VM-only access, and that might simplify administration in some ways (i.e., if something happens to the install, roll back to a working snapshot, use a shared directory to output any work from the VM without directly exposing it to the network &c.).

Comment: Re:Software doesn't wear out. (Score 1) 641

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A 2.5" drive is a 2.5" drive, be it SSD or conventional/platter-based. I don't guarantee this is the specific revision of your laptop(s), but upgrading doesn't look hard, and you'd have a mountain of storage space and a reasonable upgrade path. Now if you're running something that uses HDA modules like a Macbook Air does, that's a valid point. But I don't think the eeePCs ever did.

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by FreonTrip (#46186519) Attached to: Slashdot Tries Something New; Audience Responds!
Because the existing site looks and feels like it's more than a decade old, and it doesn't inspire new visitors to stick around. Though with this kind of "harrumph, keep this new stuff outta here and leave us to what we find comfortable" reaction, it's hard to imagine new visitors finding anything appealing here anyway. I understand the frustration behind feeling like your suggestions and observations are being ignored, but this feels like a college CS club throwing a childish tantrum. It's only going to make the community look more insular to everyone who isn't in it.

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Yet you are such a breathtaking, marvelous specimen of humanity that you would grace this undesirable place to enlighten the muck-dwelling Unixites. Truly we are all blessed. Let this day go forth! From this day forward, every February 4th shall be known as -

Oh, wait. You didn't even bother attaching a name to this pathetic holier-than-thou screed. Back to the comforting bosom of Mommy and Windows forums with you, you pathetic bastard.

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At least for the Lumia 820 replacing the battery's trivial. Just pop off the plastic shell and the battery's exposed and removable - in fact you have to take it out in order to replace the SD card or put in a microSD card for expansion. That was a major incentive for purchasing it, in fact: I like having some ability to expand a phone's storage capacity without being subjected to markup, or replace a battery when it starts underperforming. And between Google's increasing resistance to upgradeable storage and how badly I got burned by the Cliq XT I suffered through for two years, I wasn't willing to play in Android's ballpark this time aroud.

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