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Journal: WindowsXP Administration (not MS Bashing)

Journal by Freija Crescent

I run linux.
Yay me!
My friend doesn't.
He runs XP.

My friend doesn't use IRC too well.
He keeps losing connection.
He blames hackers and nukers.
I pity him.

Close your ports I say.
Alas he cannot...
For having scoured the web for weeks
Found info, he has not.

Once I found my self in his place
Before the PlaySkool distro of windows
That was installed on his PC
And I myself was lost.

Looked hard, I did, through various files.
Through the registry, and services, and the like.
Control Panel having deceived me, alas I surrendered
XP had defeated my little hacker brain.

As a last resort, I bring my troubles here
For many great minds flock to Slashdot
Perhaps you have some knowledge to share
Because XP developers smoked too much pot.


Journal: OMFnG Slashdot has journals?

Journal by Freija Crescent

My god.. been using slashdot how long and never noticed this...


And all these years I've ridiculed my friends for having used LiveJournal and the likes...

Oh, the hiprocracy!!


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