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Comment: Linux is in my future because ... (Score 1) 641

by FreedomFirstThenPeac (#46706617) Attached to: Meet the Diehards Who Refuse To Move On From Windows XP
Linux is in my future because I am tired of upgrading hardware just so I can run bloatware. But then, I don't use my computer for entertainment, I use it for work (which means I am VPN to a real linux cluster and only use local machine for email and browser, except for those nasty printer drivers and scanner drivers and music and CD burning and (hmmmmm, never mind)). So my hardware can't handle Windoze next upgrade and my bank account can't handle a hardware upgrade. Adios.

Comment: Religion provides a sense of community (Score 1) 1037

by FreedomFirstThenPeac (#46684775) Attached to: How the Internet Is Taking Away America's Religion
Religion provides a sense of community (just like going to a football game does, but not seasonal). A sense of community makes one live longer and happier. So a sense of community is good. The Internet provides a false sense of community. So, IF this virtual-community makes one live longer and happier, then it is a good substitute for religion. I think Slashdot readers get a great deal of community from Slashdot, for example, and I hope (as one) that it results in a longer and happier life (after controlling for lack of exercise, etc. in my models).

Comment: Physics (and the universe) is a subset of mathemat (Score 1) 199

I would say that physics is clearly a subset of mathematics, which is to say we can pose even simple questions that are outside of physical reality. And, no, the imaginary number i is not what I have in mind. But the fact that there is absolutely NO object in existence that needs the full value of pi suggests that the universe (and the physics thereof) is a subset of mathematics. And P not equal NP may fall into the same crack, which is to say that the universe is too small (and granular) to contain the NP problems that make P not equal to NP.

Comment: Which scientists do YOU believe ? (Score 1) 509

by FreedomFirstThenPeac (#46661997) Attached to: The Problem With Congress's Scientific Illiterates
So, on the one hand we have climate scientists who warn us that global warming is going to make life difficult if not impossible in short order. On the other hand we have political and behavioral scientists who warn us that people cannot be rational and that political solutions won't solve the problem (like renewables or giving up paleofuels) or that they cannot be implemented (who wants to tell the Chinese and the Indians that they don't get to move up to Western levels of consumption?). So which scientists do YOU believe?

Comment: Empower Planning Commissions (Score 1) 230

Planning Commissions (PCs) and planning and zoning are where we wrest control from politicians who are beholding to money and developers. But PCs have to fight to use that limited power against people who make money by ignoring the science. The local planning commission should have stopped issuing permits to build or upgrade based on those old reports.

Comment: And there is that thin pipe, fat pipe problem (Score 1) 490

by FreedomFirstThenPeac (#46595035) Attached to: Are DVDs Inconvenient On Purpose?
If we really start to pay for data flow then a 4Gigabit daily movie habit gets real expensive, both in infrastructure and in cost (when paying per-bit downloaded). But only Polyanna could pretend that we won't have to eventually pay for big data downloads (the same non-functioning thinkers who thought making health care cheaper for the individual would automatically make more health care available).

Comment: Military use? (Score 1) 298

by FreedomFirstThenPeac (#46583965) Attached to: Iran Builds Mock-up of Nimitz-Class Aircraft Carrier
Maybe they want to use it for launching and landing 3/4 scale radio control toys? I mean really, there must be close to a hundred million youtubing video-kings who could create a better video of the sinking of an aircraft carrier than the Iranians would get from blowing this up. But it would make a good flyby target if you had an air force that needed to practice attacking a carrier, but again, unless it shoots back you'd be better off with a good video game. But for now, I'll watch this space.

Comment: Science is not politics (even if it's politicized) (Score 1) 667

by FreedomFirstThenPeac (#46557643) Attached to: Creationists Demand Equal Airtime With 'Cosmos'
The creationists have a valid argument IF we are talking about a Friday night beer brawl over whose football team is better. But we are not. We are talking about whether the universe is closed, open, or balanced. Is it 13.7B years old or is the current expansion 13.8B years old?

If you want to argue that the earth is 6,000 years old, go talk to the "Last Thursdians", the Hindus and all those other nonsense mythologies. Myths make great themes for movies, but I would not want my heart surgeon or bridge-designer acting on those myths. The Creationists are fundamentally different from the others because they bring their arguments to places where actions are developed, and that makes them dangerous.

Comment: Condoms by Goodyear (Score 1) 653

Could I just suggest that there be a website where I could post a photo of an object I hoped to sell, and if no-one commented within a reasonable time then I could point at that post as a valid defense if some git wanted to do this to my tiny little business. I would suggest 2.7 minutes, but I don't like this sort of stuff. But it would be fun to argue in court that the other guy's attorneys had a "duty of care" to be monitoring this site 24x7 (at the other guys expense, I might add). Of course, the current standard duty of care is imposed in the other direction even though the supporting search process is way stoopid. Let's start to use real-time for what it's really worth.

Of course, this plan would never work because the rent-seekers among us have more money, and thereby more access to the legal system, than the rest of us. That is, the rest of us put together.

Cory Doctorow ( Pirate Cinema ), you are my new god of IP stupidity. Must read for all of us, never mind the nit-pickers among us.

Comment: HTML1.0 switch (Score 1) 199

by FreedomFirstThenPeac (#46524937) Attached to: A Call For Rollbacks To Previous Versions of Software
Given the bandwidth and bugs I sometimes wish Firefox had an HTML1.0 only setting ... but then I read quickly and I don't have the patience to sit through long videos. Certainly don't need embedded videos and most images. But a switch that let me see HTML5 as if it were HTML3 or HTML1 would be helpful.

Comment: Settled is in the eye of the decision maker (Score 1) 497

by FreedomFirstThenPeac (#46435585) Attached to: Can Science Ever Be "Settled?"
Throughout my long career supporting decision makers I have always contended that "action defines truth". So, if I am on top of a tall building, the science of gravity is "settled" in that I would not step off the top expecting to hover like Wiley Coyote. In that sense, then settled is a function of the importance of the decision I am making. So, is the science of evolution settled? With respect to actions that allow bacteria to evolve yes, and I use that "settled" state to inform actions regarding overuse of antibiotics. But I seldom make decisions that need to know if Neanderthals could interbreed with Homo Sapiens Sapiens, so that science need not be considered settled. Global warming? Of course it is not "settled". But I do note, and act on, the fact that insurance companies are adjusting rates to reflect the new risks that global warming has introduced (see FL and wind insurance, see MN and house insurance rates). So it is settled in that sense. Beginning of life? Not a scientific question, this is all about where a life deserves protection at the expense of another. Because I believe in the sovereignty of the individual (don't force me to donate my spare kidney, thank you very much), there really is no scientifically answerable question. But there the "settle3d" question is removed from the table by the sovereignty question. My final point? Arguing about when scie3nce is settled in the absence of an actionable question makes as much sense as arguing about angels dancing on the head of a pin.

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