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+ - Help me fight the swiss dmca.->

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pyalot writes: "The swiss goverment has passed a law that would make it impossible to cirvumvent effective copy protection measures. I have created a page to inform and organize a resistance against this law. If we collect 50'000 signatures until the 24th of January however, we can force a national vote on this law. Help me in any way that you can fight this law. I was first made aware of this two days ago by this article on slashdot."
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Comment: How about crowdsourcing directions (Score 1) 149

by Free_Trial_Thinking (#21436319) Attached to: Google Crowdsources Map Editing
You know how you can drag your route around when you get driving directions on Google maps. I think it would be a neat idea if they tracked how users changed their routes, and then used that to improve their directions. People change routes to account for traffic, times of day, stop lights, closed roads, etc and Googles algorithm probably doesn't know about those things right now when generating directions. It really would revolutionize directions.

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