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+ - Mind Control Endgame: Faster Than Speed of Thought->

Submitted by mattnyc99
mattnyc99 (1008511) writes "You may have heard the buzz last week about American interrogators using 50s-era brainwashing techniques. And we certainly got excited about a month ago when researchers got monkeys to feed themselves with a robotic arm ... controlled by their brains. But after all the recent successful experiments with brain-computer interfaces, will the technology ever make it out of the lab and into hospitals—or even our hands, for the closest thing to The Force imaginable? Popular Mechanics has an in-depth follow-up on the future of mind-machine control, looking at several theoretical applications once brains can adapt to devices via direct communication between synapse and, say, prosthetic. Quoting the field's leading neuroscientist: "For the foreseeable future, the main benefit is for rehabilitation," he says. "But the research is showing that the brain can act independently of the body. One day, you could be sitting in an office and controlling a device from across the room — or in another building. And it's not just flicking a switch. It could be a nanotool that's moving through a tiny environment, and you can control it and see what it's seeing.""
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Games Industry Accused of 'Buying Political Clout' 101

Posted by Zonk
from the because-nobody-else-does-it dept.
A parent's group is lambasting the Electronic Software Association for announcing its intention to curry political favour in Washington DC. The games industry, for most of its life a much-maligned business sector, has just begun to work towards changing its image with US lawmakers. The Parents Television Council views this as attempting to 'buy influence in Congress', and views the ESA's plans harshly: "'The videogame industry continues to fight meaningful accountability for selling inappropriate material to children. The industry has been exposed repeatedly for its reprehensible behavior and now they are looking for ways to buy friends in the government,' said PTC President Tim Winter. 'Let me be clear of our intentions: Any public servant who cashes a check from the videogame industry will be exposed by the PTC as taking a stand against families, and his or her actions will be communicated to constituents in his or her congressional district.'" I wonder how they feel about lobbying by conservative 'pro-family' groups?

+ - Asteroid aiming for Mars?->

Submitted by
Geoffrey.landis writes "According to the LA times, an asteroid currently being tracked by the Near Earth Object program at JPL is has a one in 75 chance of impacting Mars next month. One in 75 is pretty high odds, in the solar system lottery business. It's only a small asteroid, 160 feet across, but still, that would be quite a splash!

Stay tuned for updates"

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