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Comment Re:FFS Storm in a teacup (Score 2) 132

The GPL is about implementations. So is any other license as that is the domain of copyright. The concept of "original ideas" is fundementally flawed and doesn't even match up with any existing form of "intellectual property". It is inappropriate in scope from a purely legal point of view. It's a pro-corporate distortion of the current legal framework.

From an academic viewpoint (as in University academia), then entire notion of "original ideas" in computer science is laughable. Computer science is full of recycled ideas and things that just haven't been implemented in consumer devices yet. What you think is an "original idea" probably isn't.

Not that this is a wild or unique insight. There are elements of primary education that undermine the notion "unique ideas".

Although ultimately considerations of "laws and ethics" should at least reflect the actual law.

Comment Re:Open Source (Score 1) 166

> Oh yeah, all you have to do is this and that. That is why I say "in spirit". Android is about as open as iOS. Linux is Open.

all except for that inconvenient detail that you just glossed over.

They allow for alternate sources of apps. The method of allowing this is so simple that even a blithering idiot (or an Apple user) can manage it.

Conceptually, it's pretty similar to adding a PPA to Ubuntu.

Comment Re:Germans (Score 3, Insightful) 158

Germans are also attacking those same immigrants. There's a bit of a gap between the utopia the liberal media pretends that Europe is and how things really are. This includes beatings, arson, and political views that are supposed to be forbidden. Push the system or a little bit, or the population and the classic bits of nastiness come seeping out.

Comment Re:Athlon X4 845 why cut pci-e lanes? amd is losin (Score 1) 80

I am not sure if they are doing well on the business side but their CPUs and GPUs are more than good enough for many users (if not most users). The market in general is mature and saturated. My aging AMD box performs well enough that ANY full system upgrade would seem gratuitous.

Intel may be the big bad monopoly but it's GPUs are less than exciting.

Comment Re:One Time Use (Score 1) 137

> Well, you probably shouldn't because even a small drone like the DJI Phantom will slice up or shred the birds legs on contact,

Sounds like a terrible legal liability if you really think about it. It makes the requirement for licensing and insuring these drones seem remarkably less absurd.

Either these devices are "harmless" enough to be taken down by a raptor or they shouldn't even be allowed in the air.

Comment Re:Misleading summary (Score 1) 153

This sounds like something that seems more significant in hindsight than it was at the time. They may have been on the cusp of developing something but didn't. Or maybe they discovered it and then didn't know what to do with it.

The ancient Greeks invented the steam engine. It just didn't lead to trains or powered ocean vessels or massive factories.

It is a vanity of modern people to think that the ancients didn't know anything and never achieved or built anything of significance (in modern terms).

Comment Re:Archimedes had calculus (Score 1) 153

No. What the church brought was stagnation and illiteracy. Anyone caught translating the bible was burned at the stake. All knowledge was reduced to religious dogma including the mistaken ideas of the ancients.

Preserving the bad ideas of the Greeks may or may not have been a good thing. We might have been better off flushing the whole thing and starting over completely from scratch.

The real problem was not being able to challenge bogus crap for 1000 years.

Comment Re:Just have medicare for all and get rid of the o (Score 1) 285

> Please, may I?! Are you willing to pay for me to move over to say Germany

Why should we pay? You're the one that wants a socialist utopia. You don't have to destroy this country. You can just go back to the one that your ancestors escaped from.

Your attitude is the basic disconnect here. Many of us expect to be responsible for ourselves. You want the rest of us to pick up the slack for you. That's not the way it works over here. If you want something done for you, you have to sort it out for yourself.

You can have your socialist utopia. You will just have to stop being a Mooch for one minute in order to achieve it.

Comment Re:Just have medicare for all and get rid of the o (Score 1) 285

> I really don't think you do, but hey, it's your dollar. Do what you want with it.

Consider it a basic IT capacity planning exercise.

Do you want your servers to always being run balls to the walls at 100% capacity or do you want some left over so that your systems run better, you can handle a sudden spike, or even some limited future growth.

Now consider that this exercise is not just about some consume product or other thing that really has no significance in the grand scheme of things. Consider that this is your life. This is your worthless ass that's on the line. It's not just some Koreans in some internet cafe that can't get their gaming fix. It's your life.

I would rather not have my life hang in the balance because some bean counter thinks that a little excess capacity is unacceptable.

Been there, done that. Love not having to worry about that sort of thing. Much less distressing than the whole "can I pay" thing.

That's the problem with socialism. It doesn't matter if you are a "rich man" or not. Sh*t's just not there to be bought.

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