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Comment: Re:Only bad tech is the linked page. (Score 1) 599

by FreeBSD evangelist (#35096720) Attached to: 'Death By GPS' Increasing In America's Wilderness

I tried reading the article, the screwed up page with all it's toolbars, ads and such kept refreshing after a few seconds and jumping to the top of the page. I was interested enough to go to the printer-friendly link an be able to finish the article.

"Readability" is your friend.

No, really. It's one of my favorite and useful toolbar application. It uses a JavaScript program to reformat the page you're viewing, trimming out all the trash.

Comment: Re:Solve the fucking problem: (Score 2, Insightful) 647

by FreeBSD evangelist (#34226612) Attached to: National Opt-Out Day Against Virtual Strip Searches

You think the terrorists wouldn't be happy just to blow the plane up? They're willing to suicide bomb a market place and kill maybe a dozen people. Making a plane with over a hundred people go ka-boom would be a fine terrorist outcome, even if it were over the middle of Kansas.

Comment: not invasive enough (Score 1) 647

by FreeBSD evangelist (#34226556) Attached to: National Opt-Out Day Against Virtual Strip Searches

At the risk of giving anyone ideas, how would these pat downs and skin level x-rays stop a bomber who has swallowed his bomb? He's presumably a suicide anyway, so why wouldn't he/she? And when the TSA thinks about this, do we get full CAT scans and invasive body cavity searches next?

Comment: Put that in your iPad (Score 2, Funny) 292

by FreeBSD evangelist (#33452676) Attached to: IBM Unveils Fastest Microprocessor Ever
From TFA:

IBM also previously claimed the title of fastest microprocessor with the POWER6 chip, which ran at speeds of up to 4.6 to 4.7 GHz, and its own z10, a 2008 chip which ran at speeds of up to 4.4 GHz.

I seem to recall that one of the official reasons Apple gave for the switch from Power to Intel was that IBM couldn't/wouldn't deliver a fast enough processor.

The next person to mention spaghetti stacks to me is going to have his head knocked off. -- Bill Conrad