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Comment Re:I have to tel lthis story, it's too awesome (Score 1) 265

Way back in the ancient days of 1987, I used to carpool to school with two other guys, including some asshole. He used to show off by swerving down this road, going fast and swerving from one far extreme edge to the other, just to piss me off. One day he lost control during a swerve, and did a perfect 180 turn the way this article describes. We ended up facing the exact right way (except the opposite way), and exactly in the right part of the lane. He pretended like he did it on purpose and drove off like "Mr. Cool." He was a douche.

Submission + - General Mills Promotion Javascript Comments ( 3

Fred The Toaster writes: In the General Mills Free Movie cash promotion site ( if you reveal the java script source for the site are the comments " windows sucks ass so hard.... it's not even funny anymore...." and "windows XP and Internet Explorer are the worst pieces of software developed by human kind. Almost as bad as air pollution.....;"

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