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Journal: Chronicle: Another day, another cup

Journal by Chacham

Well, my dollar store water bottle had a black dot in it, in spite of all my efforts to drain it and leave some air flow every day. In the garbage that went; i ain't playin' with that sort of stuff.

+ - Hot Topic Buys Geeknet->

Submitted by jones_supa
jones_supa writes: The clothing and music retailer Hot Topic is buying Geeknet for $117.3 million. Geeknet, the firm behind the legendary establishments SourceForge and VA Linux, is currently the parent company for ThinkGeek and ThinkGeek Solutions. ThinkGeek sells clothing, toys, gadgets and other products mostly based on popular movies, television shows and brands with geek appeal. ThinkGeek Solutions is a distributor of video-game themed merchandise through licensed web stores. Hot Topic Inc. will pay $17.50 per Geeknet share. Privately held Hot Topic, based in Los Angeles, has more than 650 stores in the U.S. and Canada. Geeknet will become a Hot Topic subsidiary.
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Journal: Verbiage: Some puns (2)

Journal by Chacham

As if Some puns wasn't bad enough, i shall here continue my plagiarism, brevity, and literary destruction:

Mick Jagger's dog asked his friend, Patricia Whack, for a loan, offering a small item as collateral. Puzzled, she asked her husband what it was. "It's a knick knack, Patty Whack. Give the dog a loan. His old man's a Rolling Stone."

Sixteen sodium atoms walk into a bar followed by Batman.

Comment: Re:Over use of back-tracking (Score 1) 230

by Frans Faase (#49624761) Attached to: Singapore's Prime Minister Shares His C++ Sudoku Solver Code
I wasn't saying that all Sudoku's can be solved without back-tracking, I was just commenting about that its bad design to only guessing and back-tracking while there are other methods for finding a solution much faster. It is nice to note some improvements that could be made to the program, but missing the fact that a very poor performing algorithm is being used, is much worse. It is like correcting spelling mistakes in a mathematical proof while missing the fact that it has a logical error.

Comment: Over use of back-tracking (Score 1) 230

by Frans Faase (#49619535) Attached to: Singapore's Prime Minister Shares His C++ Sudoku Solver Code
Most Sudoku's can be solved without back-tracking. There is a rather trivial mapping of Sudoku's to Exact Cover problems (see: Hardest Sudoku). Good solvers, only use back-tracking when needed, and try to apply logic reduction first. When there is a column were A implies B, all rows in which B is true and A false can be eliminated, because a selection of such a row will leave the A column empty. Most of the published Sudoku's can be solved with using this simple reduction rule.
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Journal: Chronicle: New glasses and contacts (2)

Journal by Chacham

I have tried two more brands of contacts, both hydrogel and toric, with little success. The first pair had the right eye not so bad, but the left was blurry. Ultimately, my appointment was for Sunday, and when i was late i received a phone call. Oops! I guess i've been relying on those reminder calls a bit too much.

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Journal: Chronicle: Off to the bookstore for a book! 2

Journal by Chacham

I love books. Well, i love reading them. There are people who do love books, such as an erstwhile coworker that told me she cried when they were lost or damaged, or something like that. She convincingly conveyed to me that she was emotionally attached to her books. She also no longer works here.

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