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Journal: In Passing: To the gym to all those 2015 resolutions

Journal by Chacham

Leaving the office yesterday, i got in at the 6th floor. First it stopped at the 5th and a man got on. At the 4th floor, another man and woman entered. From there we went straight down the other 4 floors unabated.

Mr. 4th floor recognized Mr. 5th floor and they chatted. Moments before the gates to freedom something like this transpired:

Comment: Re:Chinese that speak English (Score 1) 578

by Frans Faase (#48732135) Attached to: What Language Will the World Speak In 2115?
In fact in Chinese many words (characters) are pronounced in the same way and same tone, just like there are words in English that are pronounced in the same way, but written differently. Which meaning is intended is usually clear from the context. Tones often differ between dialect, and usually this is not a problem, not any more when English speakers from different dialects speak with each other. Furthermore, tones are restricted to the vowels, not to the sentences, as otherwise it would not be possible to sing in Chinese. The use of tones do not restrict you with respect to expressing emotions and there are just as many ways of saying hello in Chinese than there are in English.

Comment: Re:Most Chinese do not (Score 1) 578

by Frans Faase (#48732021) Attached to: What Language Will the World Speak In 2115?
I do not know whether Wikipedia counts as a reliable source, but it gives the same number: Chinese language and Languages of China. I also would not count Cantonees as a dialect of Mandrin. Cantonese has nine tones, where as Mandrin has only four, and most words are pronounced differently.

Some minorities are allowed to use their own language. I have been to a large city were many signs were written with Arabic characters.

In China, highschool is divided into junior secondary school and senior secondary school, both being three years. Only junior secondary school is compulsory. So, not all Chinese do attend highschool in the sense that they attend both junior and senior secondary school. In 2010 the percentage was 82.5. One should note that these percentages have increased strongly in the past two decades. To enter most higher education institutions it is not sufficient to finish senior secondary school, but one has to pass a state exam as well. I am aware that Chinese are obesessed with education, but it is also a fact that many Chinese still live in rural areas, where the quality of education is not always very high.

Comment: Most Chinese do not (Score 1) 578

by Frans Faase (#48724303) Attached to: What Language Will the World Speak In 2115?
Fact is that most Chinese do not speak English, as I have experienced first hand. In fact 30% of the Chinese do not have Mandrin (including local dialects) as their first language: see this list of languages spoken in China. English is now taught at highschool, but not all Chinese do attend highschool. I have noticed that they are usually beter at reading the language than speaking it. I have met Chinese who published scientific papers in English, but could not keep a normal conversation.

Comment: Re:Moo (Score 1) 4

by Chacham (#48705335) Attached to: Moving Streams in Kmix

I have issues using website with crude names. FF/abe takes me the rest of the way.

Netflix plays at 1x speed. For some things that's ok, but for anime especially, i don't think i could survive it. I usually watch subbed, between1.3x and 1.77x. I also want to watch interesting lectures (online universities) whilst riding on my bike, but they switch the format to multiple videos of a few minutes each, which doesn't work so well for these ends.

I don't really watch recent tv shows, unless they really catch my eye. Recently, saw once upon a time and arrow, both which had great first seasons (well, ouat was great, arrow was just good enough to watch) but bad second seasons. Flash was unwatchable even in the first season. At least bad movies are fun to watch to some extent (special effects, short story) and that's where netflix ought to come in.

I just need to take a break from playing games now and then. :)

Comment: Bootstrapping and time travel (Score 3, Interesting) 289

by Frans Faase (#48492269) Attached to: Physicist Kip Thorne On the Physics of "Interstellar"

Spoiler alert for the movie Interstellar

It seems he did not get the main idea of the movie. The whole movie rests on the idea that it is possible to manipulate gravity in the past. The traversable wormhole was created by some humans in the far future and allowed the main character to communicate with the past, causing himself to join a space program, which would lead him to the place to communicate with the past, and by this save human kind from some disaster and in the far future allow to develop the technology to create the wormhole and a black hole with strange properties. So, it also involves a form of bootstrapping. Which makes even less sense, if indead traversable wormholes could be made at all.

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