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Comment: Bootstrapping and time travel (Score 3, Interesting) 289

by Frans Faase (#48492269) Attached to: Physicist Kip Thorne On the Physics of "Interstellar"

Spoiler alert for the movie Interstellar

It seems he did not get the main idea of the movie. The whole movie rests on the idea that it is possible to manipulate gravity in the past. The traversable wormhole was created by some humans in the far future and allowed the main character to communicate with the past, causing himself to join a space program, which would lead him to the place to communicate with the past, and by this save human kind from some disaster and in the far future allow to develop the technology to create the wormhole and a black hole with strange properties. So, it also involves a form of bootstrapping. Which makes even less sense, if indead traversable wormholes could be made at all.

Comment: Moo (Score 1) 5

by Chacham (#48377557) Attached to: Things I Can't Avoid Knowing

expat? I don't remember that.

reddit is a cesspool, so i rarely bother with it, even when it shows up from a search.

I (like to) think i would pay for a service where someone filtered slashdot & reddit comments to what is actually informational, interesting, and truly funny. IOW, what comment moderation was intended for.

Comment: Moo (Score 1) 4

by Chacham (#48316985) Attached to: My Spine

Dude, i hope ya feel better.

I have to agree with your thought process here. Second opinion, costing more, pain killers, disc vs disk, spine is more important, etc.

Thanx for posting! And get better!

Comment: People are the problem (Score 4, Insightful) 82

by Frans Faase (#48265881) Attached to: "Ambulance Drone" Prototype Unveiled In Holland
Here in the Netherlands the problem is not in getting an AED on the site, but to find someone who can apply it. There are many people trained in using AED's and we here in the Netherlands possibly have the highest density of AED's, and although there is an elobrate system to call trained people to a person with a cardiac arrest, the problem is still in getting enough volunteers to join in. It is no use to have an AED within 200 meters from every house, if you don't have people who can apply them. AED's are not difficult to use, but in a case of emergencie, you need someone who can keep his/her head calm and follow the instructions.

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