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Comment: Re:History (Score 1) 738

by FranktehReaver (#40973345) Attached to: Why Apple Is Suing Every Android Manufacturer In Sight
I agree, those phones are phenomenal and are lightning fast with loading apps and graphic rendering. Not to mention 4G network speeds with long battery life. If I suggest a phone to someone who is not tech savvy and they call every smart phone an Iphone I tell them to get an Iphone because they are easier to use out of the box. But if they are good with technology I tell them to check out the S3 before they look at an Iphone to see if they like it.

Comment: Re:missing option (Score 0) 321

by FranktehReaver (#40390199) Attached to: Give me a solder gun, and I can produce ...
lol, I got a cheap one from Radio Shack as well it has like 4 inches of hot steel and 2 inches of hot plastic to hold on to. Bad habit of trying to use my finger to stabilize it when doing a small spot. Usually just a ouch and wince and keep going nothing horrible or like I pick it up in my fist and watch smoke roll out lol.

Comment: Re:Quite Obvious, Even to Me (Score 1) 344

by FranktehReaver (#40211613) Attached to: What Struck Earth in 775?
But then in that logic you never truly stop anything because it would always be re-written to justify the means of time travel. But in that regard you would just be perpetually changing time unknowingly because the memories of why you went back in time would be replaced with a new alternate reality and you would then have a new similar reason to go back and kill dolphin hitler and thus continuing the cycle.

Comment: Re:Quite Obvious, Even to Me (Score 1) 344

by FranktehReaver (#40210301) Attached to: What Struck Earth in 775?
But if someone time traveled to kill Hitler would their be a reason today when the time travel machine was made to go back in time and kill who? Theoretically it wouldn't make sense to go back in time to alter history because if that history was altered there would be no reason to go back in time to alter it. So then the time travel would of never happened. /mindblown

Comment: Re:Antivirus Software on a Mac (Score 2) 285

by FranktehReaver (#39783903) Attached to: One In Five Macs Holds Malware — For Windows
Who said pay? There are plenty of free versions for Mac available that you do not have to pay for that work just fine. You can continue to stick your nose up and walk by everyone else but the fact of the matter is there are more malicious software files written today for Macs and it is exponentially increasing. Having a anti-virus/mal-ware software on the machine wouldn't hurt but rather add an extra layer of security on your machine. Why sit there in your armored car laughing at normal cars thinking your king of the world until a tank turns the corner and explodes your world and you sit there wondering wtf happened? Nothing is 100% safe but having nothing to detect the threats makes you 100% unaware of what is really happening on your machine. Security through obscurity is fine and dandy but I will add an extra layer of defense to my computer thank you very much.

Comment: Re:Terribly Misleading Headline (Score 1) 105

by FranktehReaver (#39585819) Attached to: Microsoft: 'Unlikely' Credit Card Details Lifted From Xbox 360s
Indeed, at a first glance I thought they found some credit card information that was unlikely to be present on the system. Like sears cards or something lol, and not that it is unlikely that credit card data can be lifted from the device. Which using the word unlikely leaves room for doubt and that it is theoretically possible. Now if it said impossible or not true then okay you guys know what the heck is up. But unlikely? that is like saying is the cancer going to spread? and the doctor makes a ehhh face and goes it is unlikely.

Comment: Re:Mountains and molehills? (Score 1) 747

That is exactly the point. We are upset at the other laws and I express my disinterest for those as well as this one. This law is worded too vague it can be used for any reason. A cop can arrest anyone he wishes as the current laws stand for simple reasons and strip search them. I am not defending the people trying to hide stuff and this is a loop hole to get caught, you are doing something illegal knowingly that is different from what I am concerned about. I am concerned about women who will get molested or "strip searched" because of some loop hole in the system. Caught them out in public drunk, or didn't pay their parking ticket, or whatever mundane law they can use to do as they wish. I agree the search is a good thing in certain situations, but for any reason they are detained they can rip your clothes off and poke around in your orifices for loot, that I do not agree with. Furthering my point that cops are crooked and immoral as much as the next guy, I do not believe we should be putting more power in their hands and excusing them with vague laws that allow them room to do as they please as long as the law can be interpreted to defend them when the retaliation hits.

Comment: Re:Mountains and molehills? (Score 1) 747

Exactly, and you are assuming this is all for the good of everyone. Cops are crooked, immoral, douche bag thugs like anyone else and if they detain a cute 19 year old girl for drinking in public well here comes the strip search and groping. Hey he can legally do this it is for the good of everyone right? This is in no way a good thing at all, it will be abused like most other laws and dirty cops will get away with dirty things more often.

It is the quality rather than the quantity that matters. - Lucius Annaeus Seneca (4 B.C. - A.D. 65)