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Comment: Re:The difference? (Score 1) 113 113

Sprint includes text messaging in there unlimited plan. Even at $10 more a month, it's still the best deal in the US. And free mobile to mobile calling (any mobile). And nights and weekends start at 7pm-7am. and you roam for free (with the unlimited plan, required for all smart phones) on the Big V's network.

Comment: Re:NFL database tech (Score 1) 154 154

I have no doubt in my mind that there are staticians conjuring up stats for the announcers to talk about. My question is, do they have specific staticians that they work with? Like a good producer or something like that. Like do they announcers just use the local stadiums guy, or do they bring in there man that they know can kick out the craziest stats?

Comment: What about adjusting traffic light timing? (Score 1) 1114 1114

I hit about 6 lights on the way to and from work each day and about two out of the 6 are timed right to cruise right through. I keep wondering why they don't have them timed better to avoid starts and stops and increase gas mileage. Sure, someone's going to suffer, but let it be the cross road traffic and not the main thru ways.

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