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Journal Journal: Madonna

I sure wish that someone would smack that fake fucking British accent off her face.

Here's an idea, quit the acting and concentrate on music. Perhaps marrying a director wasn't the brightest idea. You don't learn to act through osmosis.

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Journal Journal: Hard questions for the internet

So I got sick of reading the nth post on /. about why XP tablet pcs sucks and I decided to ask google a hard question. "what happens after you die"

Well, there is no answer out there. Too bad some higher being couldn't leave me a message out there to find so I know what's going to happen. They probably wouldn't know how to get it ranked higher anyways. I doubt if aliens know about stupid fucking search algorithms and meta tags.

Anyways, I did find this stupid fuck. Check out her answer to my question.

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Journal Journal: War with Iraq 3

Bah, it just pisses me off how the media reports the news as if American's are not in favor with a war with Iraq.

I'll bet anything that when the House and Senate give the Ok to use force, it will be greater than 90%

The media focuses on the jackasses picketing for no war on Iraq rather than the normal joe schmoes that go to work every day, pay taxes, and want the bomb the shit out of shit hole terrorist dictators.

People of Iraq prepare to celebrate, the tyranny is about to end.

Logic doesn't apply to the real world. -- Marvin Minsky