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Comment Re:Who still uses pagers? (Score 1) 243

Our hospital is looking into something called Spok for secure messaging. Should work whereever the cell phone has wifi or cell service. It's a secure texting app that's HIPAA compliant and has desktop/web versions so that the operators or nurses can send us texts without having to use a phone. Added bonus of read receipts and ping-back to the sender (if wanted) if the message isn't read in a timely manner (ie: STAT pages).

At least that's what our IT guys told me. We haven't gotten it yet.

Comment Re:This is a big bitchslap to Mozilla (Score 1) 247

Using NoScript is pretty easy if you don't try and micro-manage it. Allow (whitelist) your most trusted and frequently visited sites just once. "Temporarily allow all on this page" for trusted sites you don't frequently visit. Don't allow anything you don't completely trust to run JS.

This is why I haven't switched to Chrome.

Comment Skewed value against subscribers (Score 1) 665

If I put ads on a page, then I'd have to get around a thousand pairs of eyeballs on it to make a dollar with a lot of the CPM rates out there.

Yet Wired thinks that if you use adblock to protect your computer the amount of pages you read in a week on their site will be comparable. Or they just think that you should be subjected to a subscriber tax...

Comment Re:What's a DLL? (Score 1) 152

> If an attacker can put a random binary on your local drive then they already own your machine

Pretty much no.

>If a miscreant cuts your brake line without your knowledge,

Terrible analogy. Because it's not what's occurring here. They don't have unrestricted access to critical systems on your car. It's more like they put a brake line cutting machine in your front seat. It's not until you get into the car and say "Are you sure you want to run the program START CAR with administrative access" that your line can be cut.

Let's go back to your original idea that the machine is compromised. If I have a virus file in C:\Dont_execute_anything_from_here, is my machine compromised? No, in most cases a file sitting on the drive would not randomly self execute. But, now let's say file "bad_code.exe" was written in such a way it took over program flow from my anti-virus when it was scanned. We would certainly say that the anti-virus vendor was at fault in this case.

Comment Re:What's a DLL? (Score 1) 152

>They've already owned the box just to put the DLL there.

Not exactly.

With UAC a prompt occurs to get administrative access, if this occurs at a time when the user does not expect it they may very well say no. Drive by downloads are one particular class of bug that can put a file in downloads, but have no risk of executing the file at that time, yes they are a bug that needs fixed, but one that seems to commonly occur. It is only later when an administrative installer executes that the system can be fully taken over.

Comment Re:POWER8? (Score 1) 117

Okay. I guess the community's dumbed down enough that asking whether an open hardware system (running on a POWER chip could run the security nightmare which is Microsoft Windows 10) could run MS Windows could conceivably be a valid question.

My, how this community has slid. :-(

I'm just going to go back into lurking mode and tend to my lawn, I guess.

Comment Re:Advisors? (Score 1) 71

Similar situation. I started reading up on investing (books: The Boglehead Guide To Investing, Common Sense on Mutual Funds, The Boglehead Guide To Retirement, Where Are The Customers' Yachts?, The Little Book Of Common Sense Investing).

Now I have close to 80% of my funds managed personally and just over 20% under a guy my dad recommended to me 20 years ago.

My project for this year is to get rid of the guy. He never put my funds in tax-safe ways and has about $50k sitting in cash for a number of years.

I keep a monthly sheet of my asset allocations. Since I am still in the income generating phase of existence, I decide each month where to put money based on the percentage worth of my assets compared to my goal percentages:
65% Total Stock Market / S&P 500
5 % Total International
5% Fun Stuff (Individual Stocks, sector ETFs)
25% Bonds


Google Targets Fake "Download" and "Play" Buttons (torrentfreak.com) 117

AmiMoJo writes: Google says it will go to war against the fake 'download' and 'play' buttons that attempt to deceive users on file-sharing and other popular sites. According to a new announcement from the company titled 'No More Deceptive Download Buttons', Google says it will expand its eight-year-old Safe Browsing initiative to target some of the problems highlighted above. 'You may have encountered social engineering in a deceptive download button, or an image ad that falsely claims your system is out of date. Today, we're expanding Safe Browsing protection to protect you from such deceptive embedded content, like social engineering ads,' the company says.

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