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Comment: Re:MSRP of $62,400 Though? (Score 1) 452

by FranTaylor (#44321161) Attached to: Tesla Motors May Be Having an iPhone Moment

what I was referring to was buying a high end car when you only need to get from a-to-b and a cheaper car would do.

"Cheap" doesn't apply only to the retail price. "cheap" can also apply to the big picture where you also factor in fuel costs, insurance, reliability (breakdowns are very expensive in many ways) and RESALE VALUE. When you combine all of these factors (including the value of your time) then the "cheapest" car may end up being the most reliable car or the one with the best resale value.

Comment: human beings are the security issue (Score 1) 163

by FranTaylor (#44253105) Attached to: Russian Federal Guard Service "Upgrades" To Electric Typewriters

Technology is just papering over the basic truism that the humans are the weakness in any security system.

It is in their very nature to be inquisitive about the unknown, hiding secrets is intrinsically difficult for humans, given their social behavior. The human mind is not a secure vault, it can be tricked or forced or otherwise convinced to reveal its secrets in a wide variety of ways.

All of the technology for secrecy is moot when people simply open up and communicate directly with each other.

For example the government spends unknown gazillions protecting secret information and a single person can unravel large portions of it by simply standing in front of a microphone and speaking some words.

Comment: Re:definitions matter (Score 2) 385

by FranTaylor (#44250803) Attached to: PC Sales See 'Longest Decline' In History

I just plug in a USB stick of the OS and away I go.

That's pretty much the procedure for installing cyanogenmod on an android tablet

I shouldn't have to do anything more complex than that for any of the newer class of computing device.

Well, there you go.

Yes indeed I choose automobiles based on how hard it is to change the oil filter, which is way more practical than you, because changing oil filters is something that is done way more often than installing an OS.

Comment: just more selfishness (Score 1) 385

by FranTaylor (#44250717) Attached to: PC Sales See 'Longest Decline' In History

The desktop industry will have to adapt at some point

No they don't HAVE to adapt.

the above is honestly the best idea for everyone.

No, it's the best idea for YOU. Your idea SUCKS from a low-cost perspective. Connectors cost MORE than chips, not less. They are the #1 failure mode on computers, each connector adds more risk of failure and warranty expense.

Have you noticed the trend toward FEWER and FEWER connectors on computers? This is why!

And this is from someone that screws around with hardware and the like.

If you eat twinkies every day, does this make you an expert on how to make a better twinkie?

Comment: Re:definitions matter (Score 1) 385

by FranTaylor (#44250079) Attached to: PC Sales See 'Longest Decline' In History

not the computer we know and love here on Slashdot

You CLAIM to speak for all slashdot users, but really you speak of the raw newbies who think computers come in a small metal box with an Intel sticker on it.

unless you like Vendor Lock-in and being told what you can and cannot run on said devices.

WOW you define words based on what you LIKE? And apparently you've ignorant of the fact that many devices can be unlocked and you can install whatever you want on them.

Comment: Re:When did CEOs get to dictate tax policy? (Score 1) 122

> Since poor people get most of the benefits the government hands out, it's only fair that they should pay for them.

Yes indeed it makes lots of sense to give people money and then take it back from them!

Would it not be much less hassle and paperwork to simply not give them the money that they would have paid in taxes?

Or perhaps you like the idea of big government churn?

Comment: why why why? (Score 1) 232

by FranTaylor (#43147611) Attached to: Netflix Using HTML5 Video For ARM Chromebook

why not just pay the fee and watch some movies?

netflix, their hands are tied. the content holders want the DRM. No DRM, no neftlix. I am willing to accept that.

save your battles for things that deserve them.

netflix is not the devil. they make it possible for people to watch movies at home

if you want to change the system you are not going to do it by hacking netflix, you are just going to make trouble for everyone. they will not give up, they cannot. you will just force them to spend more engineering time and raise their costs, you will not "save the world" or even a small piece of it.

All programmers are playwrights and all computers are lousy actors.