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Comment Re:Insanity (Score 1) 383

the students and their parents could be prosecuted if they did not participate in an after-school 'education program.'

I love the fucking hypocrisy around sex in USA. Sure, violence and killing people is all okay, but when it's about natural human function like sex it's all bad and must be hidden.

You don't know what the program is about. Regardless of anyone's feelings on sex, letting semi-nude pictures of yourself get transmitted digitally is a bad idea, as is transmitting them, and these teens might not understand that.

Comment Re:This ad paid for by... (Score 2, Insightful) 512

You sound like a programmer who is completely ignorant of how legal systems work.

He sounds like a programmer who has seen how the legal system works.

Laws aren't written like "if photo.is_manipulated() then display_disclaimer() end".

Nope, you have that 100% true - Because that would give a nice, easy, objective test of guilt.

Instead, the law will describe 200 different varieties of manipulation, which the advertising industry will neatly get around ("Well, it didn't explicitly ban radioactive waste to give the subject a healthy glow"), while semi-pro photographers fear for their freedom if they dare to sell a decent shot to a local paper. It will include zero funding for enforcement but allow police to charge high-end cameras with a crime and thereby keep them. It will accidentally outlaw Gimp (but of course they'd never enforce that, wink-wink-nudge-nudge) but not Photoshop because of some obscure detail in their JPEG compression implementations. And finally, just for good measure, it will provide 50 billion dollars to build stronger levees in Nevada (or the French equivalent, I suppose).

And I wish I meant this as hyperbole...

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