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Comment What risk? (Score 1) 321

And the "risk" of someone viewing the image of an unknown sleeping baby, at some unknown location, is...? This is the same insanity that keeps parents from posting their kids pictures on line. Do they really think kidnappers are trolling facebook in order to find victims? Does that make any sense?

Comment Re:Parallax. (Score 5, Informative) 425

Gee, that's funny, because Samsung's official images of the S4 clearly show the camera protrusion from the side: http://www.gsmarena.com/samsun... And Apple shows their phone from both sides, so in those with the lens on the near side, it should be even more evident. But it's not. It's clear case of iLying.

Comment Google Now Does Understand Context (Score 4, Interesting) 161

... to a limited degree. While you can't ask the Lincoln question in a single statement, you can ask, "Where was Lincoln born?" then when it replies "Hodgenville, KY", you can then say "What is its population?", or "Show it on a map" and it will know from context that the "its" you're referring to, is Lincoln's birthplace.

Comment Re:Vacuum? (Score 1) 298

"Shoe box" defines a purpose-built container, which continues to be shoe box, regardless of what you put in it. But "vacuum" defines what is (or specifically, isn't) in a container, but in no way defines that container. A shoe box is not altered by its contents, but a vacuum is. We tend to think of a vacuum as a space that's devoid of air, but that's an error. It's a space that's devoid of everything, So putting ball bearings in a sealed vacuum negates it as an actual vacuum, just as much as putting air in it.

Comment Re:Vacuum? (Score 1) 298

The reason why your analogy doesn't fit, is because "closet" defines the container, not what's in the container (closet), whereas "vacuum" defines what's in the container, and says nothing about what the container is. You can put whatever you like in a closet, and it's still a closet, because "closet" defines the container and its built-for purpose, not what's in it. Your comparison is not even apples and oranges. It's apples and bicycles.

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