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FortKnox's Journal: Want to live in the distant future? How about for $10?? 9

Journal by FortKnox
I've read this in Memepool. A company is taking your $10 investment, and storing it into a fund in your name. It componds interest for hundreds of years until (if) time travel becomes possible. Then your compounded $10 is used to buy a 1-way ticket into the future. A time traveller will stop by and pick you up and bring you into the future. I think these people may be serious?

I submitted this, we'll see how it pans out.

Addendum: Rejected. C'est la vie.
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Want to live in the distant future? How about for $10??

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  • Why? Okay, that was too strong. It might be possible ONCE. But not more than once. Once might do really strange things. But not more than once. Why? Because if it were, we'd be inundated with visitors from the future. There is no technology that hasn't leaked out. If this would really work, you would pay $10, then immediately hop into the transport to go to the future.

    Time travel is a nice idea. But, even without a PhD in physics, it's clear that it won't work.

    Still, this scam does point out the joy of compound interest.

  • It is a large assumption that we are not being visited by people from the future (seriously!). In any town of any real size, a strange visitor wouldn't even be noticed. There are shops avaliable TODAY where you can get reproduction clothing/artifacts for previous historical periods. So maybe the visitors simple use these shops to fit in. Either the use technology during the trip we can't detect, or perhaps the technology is camaflouged to look like current tech (example: the PDA that strange guy is carring is really a 1.7 terahetz know-all PC with the ability to communicate non-audioally, to warn the travler and such). And perhaps every once in a while someone comes back and says "I am from the future!" In which case we submit them for mental care. Perhaps with time travel they know who will try to interupt the time line, and weed those people out from a visit into the past.

    It should be possible for visitors from the future to visit the past without anyone noticing. Use your imagination, for crying out loud.

    In the unlikely event that anyone from the future reads this, please come get me. The year is 2002. I am a student at Clemson University, located near Greenville, SC. The school year starts in late August. It shouldn't be too hard to track me down! I promise not to muck up the future!
    • And perhaps every once in a while someone comes back and says "I am from the future!" In which case we submit them for mental care

      Or maybe all those "alien" sightings are really time travelers. Abductions and anal probes a future college prank? I don't know.

      I do know one thing: Time travel will NOT be available (at least publicly) in my lifetime. How do I know this? If it was, I would come back and tell myself.

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