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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Patience has been rewarded! 10

Today I was able to zero in something besides the moon! I found Jupiter!!
I've been having trouble with patience while using my scope, because... well, you try sitting perfectly still slowly moving a telescope in below freezing tempatures for over 90 minutes!

Anywho, Jupiter is close enough to the moon and with the city pollution, its the only star anywhere near the moon. I was able to find it with my 20mm relatively quickly. I then used the barrow to get a good look at a yellow sphere.
I pulled out the 4mm lense and took some time but eventually found it. Couldn't get a good focus on it (pollution, most likely), but I did get a good look and found Io, Ganymede, and Callisto! My fingers had already lost all feeling and it is late and I haven't had much sleep[1], so I didn't get out the barrow for the 4mm.

I hope these planets (jupiter & saturn) are up when I go looking in the summer! :-D

[1] Wife had worse spinal headaches, got a bloodpatch in the hospital last night, got to sleep after 3am, nurse came to see Jenna at 8am. Oh, did I mention Jenna developed jaundice now that she's at home? Have to use a belliblanket, which makes her look like a glow-worm. Wife tried to take pics of this, but the camera doesn't pick up UV colors, so I made a movie of it (just haven't u/led it yet).
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Patience has been rewarded!

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  • glowing yellow baby?

    THAT has to be quite a sight. You could just focus your telescope on the little one.

    And, hey, be glad the kid got a minor flare of jaundice that you can treat at home rather than some big major issue. When my brother was born he needed a blood transfusion because his bilirubin level was so high.

  • Worst headache I've ever had, your wife has my sympathy. I had a spinal tap for spinal menengitis when I was 5.

    Our latest kid was slightly jaundice, and only took a few days to clear up. Hope everything goes well over there.
  • A friend had her baby in one of those and one of those nosy neighbor types decided she and her husband were growing pot...
  • What are Jenna's Diffie-Hellman numbers like?
  • Buy one.
    Old farmers, whatever.
    They will have the times of all the planet's rising and setting.

    There's also some online resources i guess.

    But when I was stargazing an almanac was the schnizzitts.
  • With that subject, I was expecting the rollout of Unread!

    I guess I'm happy that other, life-things are going well for you, though.

    I guess. ;)

  • It's right between Io and Callisto right now...

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